What Is Prenatal Massage And Why Expecting Moms Should Get One

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Bearing a child is one of the most exciting experiences women can have. It’s a gratifying moment to be able to become an instrument in procreating life. But at the same time, it can be a stressful period as you become anxious about a lot of things — your health, the health of your child, your preparedness as you enter motherhood, among others.

This is where the importance of having a Prenatal massage, Columbus, Ohio comes in. As early as 3,000 years ago, men have turned to this type of massage to help support an expecting mom’s overall health.

When is prenatal massage safe?

Experts agree and usually advise getting a prenatal massage after the first trimester or the first three months of pregnancy. If you do this before the recommended period, it can trigger dizziness and morning sickness.

When having a prenatal massage, Columbus, Ohio, bear in mind that it’s a no-no for you to lie on your back. Doing so will only hamper the blood circulation to your placenta as the weight of your child (and of your womb) compresses your blood vessels in the affected area.

If you plan to get this type of massage, it’s advisable to get it from a properly-trained masseuse. This means that he or she has received at least 16 hours of training on how to safely carry out the maternal massage.

Reasons to Get a Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women who are stressed out or are having physical-related difficulties and emotional breakdowns often turn to prenatal massage, Columbus, Ohio, to help ease their pain and heavy feelings. In this section, we have compiled five compelling reasons why prenatal massage is a beneficial thing:

It can significantly reduce swelling. Swelling and edema are a common scenario among pregnant women. If you want to see some decrease in swelling while you’re expecting, getting a massage will help in stimulating blood flow.

It relieves muscle and joint pain. With the additional weight your body carries, it is but natural to encounter muscle and joint pain. The bad news is you’re prohibited from taking too many medications to relieve the pain; the good news is there are natural and alternative ways to do so — one of which is a prenatal massage.

It helps improve sciatic nerve pain. Related to the item above, pregnant women also experience the so-called sciatic nerve pain, caused by your womb resting on your lower back and pelvic floor.

It helps ease carpal tunnel syndrome. Due to the buildup of fluid in the tissues on your wrist (as caused by poor blood circulation), it’s highly likely for a soon-to-be-mom to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. The symptoms of this disease can be relieved by undergoing massage therapy sessions.

It aids in regulating your hormones. Massage has been proven to be effective in regulating different hormones during pregnancy. These include decreased stress-inducing hormones cortisol and norepinephrine, and increased “happy hormones” — serotonin and dopamine.

It promotes labor. With lower stress hormones and eased muscles, expecting moms like you can expect a relatively easier delivery after you’ve gotten a prenatal massage.

Prenatal massage, Columbus, Ohio has several benefits to expecting moms. Contact us today and chedule your session with us at Sean’s Massage Center.