Choosing A Wedding Veil

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It can get surprisingly tricky to choose your wedding veil because you are yet to wear one. So how would you choose one that will suit your style? But first, you need to ask yourself if you want a veil first.  A veil is not necessary, but do you need one? If you do not want a veil, many alternatives can bring the “bride feel ” you so desire, options like capes and headpiecesare just perfect.  In this article, we will review the types of veil available for you and also important things to note if you are choosing a veil length for your wedding.

Popular Veil Lengths for Your Wedding  

  • Elbow- this kind of veil would have a length ofapproximately 30″ and should hang only around the elbow. This is perfect for a casual ceremony and casual venue, too, because of its look.
  • Fingertip- this veil is 45″ in length and hangs closer to your fingertips. This veil length is quite subtle and pairs well with an ornately embellished gown train.
  • Waltz- the veil here is approximately 56″ in length and rests just above the ground (depending on the bride’s height). This veil length matches perfectly with a modest train gown.
  • Chapel- Approximately 85″ in length. paired with a gown with a slightly shorter train, this veil is perfect for any venue, both formal and casual
  • Cathedral- with an approximate length of 120″, this is by far the most dramatic veil you can come across. It is perfect for grand, over-the-top, venues, and should not be shorter than the train on your gown.

Things You Should Consider Before Selecting a Veil Length

Just like gowns, there are wedding veils of different lengths. Presently, the range of veils can be from the cathedral to elbow-length.

Train Length

Before you choose the length of your veil, you have to first give a thought to the train length of your gown carries. If your gown train is long, it’s advised you choose a slightly longer veil as this will add a dramatic effect when you march down the aisle. If your train comes with ornate details, considering a shorter veil will avoid it getting covered up. A perfect veil should complement your gown; therefore, choose a veil that won’t hide the features you want to be seen on your wedding gown.

Size of Venue

One more thing to consider before you choose a veil length is your venue. It’s easy–go if you chooseveil of Chapel-length if you’re getting married at the chapel, but not that simple for all places. In general, your venue’s size should be reflected in your gown. Your veil can be shorter if your site is a close setting with friends dancing to your Lancaster wedding Dj, but if you are getting married at a big cathedral, then it should be much longer.