What are metal detectors and how they work? Read to find out

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We all know that it’s mandatory to walk through metal detectors at airports, railway stations, etc. But have we ever thought what they actually are? Well, the answer is simple metal detectors are that electronic equipment that detects metal objects like a gun, knife, etc. The primary purpose of placing them in public places is for security. Guns, and ammo such as 5.56 ammo belong in the hands of responsible users only, and it’s for this reason manned gua act strictly against suspected offenders at bo points. The railway station, airports are one of those places which have a tremendous amount of travelers and that’s the reason why it’s made mandatory to use metal detectors 

How does it work?

Metal detectors work with the technology of transferring electromagnetic fields with the help of coil into the ground. Whenever a person walks through a metal detector, the machine immediately scans for the metal objects and even has a feature of a scanner, which shows x-ray images. Any person is carrying metal stuff with them at walks through the detectors they cannot hide it. As the machine has coil into the ground, which contracts with objects like iron immediately. 

Stopped terrorism

Bomb blast, plane hijacks, which has been a big concern for decades, are now less because of metal detectors. Terrorist carrying weapons can get quickly into plains or trains because there is no specialized tool for checking in the past. But as the world changed to a technology-based era, the walk through a metal detector in public places has introduced. Many incidents we have heard of plain hijacking took palace are not possible now. Apart from a walk through detectors, there are hand metal detectors too. They are used by the security staff of different departments, which scans the overall body with a manual touch.

Used in hospitals

The violence that has been seen in hospitals has resulted in use of walk through metal detectors, because there are so many that incidents happened especially in an emergency department, which is the most crucial department of hospitals. People sometimes lose their temper and get angry with the treating staff of hospital. In some countries, it’s even made mandatory to use metal detectors in hospitals for concern like these. The cost of metal detectors can vary depending on the quality and brand we choose for the product. But choosing the right for our care can be significant.

Theft alert

Apart from public security concerns, these metal detectors also helped in detecting thefts, the technology walk through metal detectors have is similarly used in some gadgets. These gadgets are specially designed for alerting at the time of the robbery. Gold, which is one of the most valuable things around the globe, is secured with these gadgets. Whenever a thief enters to theft, the device immediately starts beeping and alerts the security. Practicing this has failed many robberies. Technology implementation of metal detectors has reduced the concerns of people in a significant way. Today we can travel without any hesitation thanks to security and metal detectors, which helped us in getting rid of these concerns.