Tips To Get The Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe

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The evolution of the designs of the bedroom wardrobe has evolved over the years. Thus the bedroom wardrobe needs to be chosen keeping in mind the need for peaceful relaxation and ability of the bedroom to provide the same. Other important things which also need careful deliberation are:

  • The material used: As is evident from any bedroom wardrobe design catalogue the material used in the making of the bedroom wardrobe has an important role to play both in the room aesthetics and the durability and longevity of the same. Some of the popular bedroom wardrobe materials popularly used are:
    • Glass for incorporation in sections of the wardrobe door panel,
    • Leather on the door panels for making a bold style statement,
    • Veneer so that different looks can be imparted to the bedroom wardrobe,
    • Real wood like teak, mahogany etc., for the making of the wardrobe,
    • Engineered wood for ensuring durability with affordability etc.
  • Door of the wardrobe: There are generally two types of doors which are incorporated in the design of the wardrobe. They are:
    • Sliding doors which are better suited for bedroom wardrobes placed in rooms with space concerns and
    • Hinged or swinging doors which are use when there is no paucity of space.

The use of the hinged doors offers better convenience when it comes to using the wardrobe than sliding doors. In a sliding door wardrobe, one side of the wardrobe will always be covered.

  • Partitions and sections: The presence of the same defines the availability of storage space. Care should be taken to ensure that there are ample separate zones so that segregation of the things that need to be kept in the wardrobe can be properly done. The ability to provide a dedicated space for different types of clothes, accessories etc., makes wardrobe organisation better. Keeping an area for hanging clothes increases the utility of the bedroom wardrobe.
  • Bedroom wardrobe designs: The choice of the bedroom wardrobe design should be made after taking the bedroom decor into account. Since the bedroom is a place for relaxation, care should be taken to ensure that visual harmony exists in every nook and corner of the same. Thus the wardrobe design should be such that it enhances the overall decor right from the finishing to the colour and the decorations present on the wardrobe etc.
  • Planning the storage: There are certain things that need to be kept in mind when planning for maximisation of storage space in a bedroom wardrobe such as:
    • If the storage is mostly of evening dresses or formal wear it should have more hanging space,
    • Multiple drawers are extremely useful when accessories need to be stored,
    • Using different drawers and sections for different things helps to organise the wardrobe better,
    • For staking up materials one above the other, shelves should be incorporated in the wardrobe design.

Keeping the above points in mind helps people choose the perfect bedroom wardrobe. These chosen wardrobes then become a beautiful fusion of functionality with aesthetics.