How Is Life At Galgotias University?

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Established in 2011, Galgotias University is one of the most sought-after destinations for a variety of reasons. First off, the university offers diverse undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses on several specializations. Second, the university employs quality academicians, who know the current market trends. Third, the university recognizes the value of its students and accordingly prepares them for the future. Most importantly, the university focuses on rendering a sound environment to the students where they can prosper following the transitions in the organizational sector. 

All of the above contribute to the prominence of the university and also reflect the sustenance of a professional atmosphere. 

Life at the Galgotias University

Before comprehending the numerous aspects of the university’s life, it is crucial to know what the world thinks about its education rendering capability. 

  • In May 2016, India Today placed Galgotias University on the 6th position in the list of the Best Colleges of India. The same year, the DQ-CMR survey found out that university was the second-best T-schools in India.
  • Times Engineering, in 2016, lauded the university’s global-level education infrastructure and world-class faculty, thus, ranking it second best in the country. 
  • Later in 2017, GHRDC gave rank 12 to Galgotias Law School. The same organization carried out a survey in 2019 concerning the best business schools in India, where Galgotias University occupied the third position. 

Likewise, the university has been on the receiving side for a dozen of recognitions, something that is enough to justify the credibility of its value creation. 

Ragging free campus

Galgotias University is very particular about eradicating any kind of misconduct. For this reason, the university has formulated a stringent anti-ragging policy that complies with the regulations specified by the Supreme Court of India and UGC. Upon the identification of any practice that violates the moral code, the university punishes the culprit through debarment, suspension, rustication, expulsion, and a fine up to Rs. 1,00,000. 

For the identification of the ragging incidents, anti-ragging committees and squads have been developed who regularly monitor the activities in all the blocks. Also, specific instructions are given to the students as well as coordinators of the hostels so that everyone is aware of the consequence of any malpractice.

Because of stringent anti-ragging measures, students are at the comfort of utilizing their time constructively. 

Student Clubs

With 40+ students’ clubs and societies at its disposal, the university paves the way for students to participate in co-curricular activities and enhance their interpersonal skills. An administrative committee is appointed for managing these clubs and societies, providing them with sufficient resources and promoting their events and activities. 

The following list gives a comprehensive insight into the co-curricular diversity that the university facilitates. 

  1. Cultural Society
  • Studio D – The Dance Club
  • Note Veda – The Music Club
  • The Actor’s Hub – Dramatics Club
  • Scintillations – The Fashion Club
  • Spic Macay Club
  • The Fine Arts Club
  • CamCircle – The Photography Club
  1. Technical Society
  • Gaming Club – F.R.A.G
  • The Creative Club
  • Quizita Mavens – Quiz Club
  • Mechelites – Motorsports Club
  1. Management Society
  • Multicultural Business Scholar Club
  • GU Management Club
  • Verve
  • The Humanity Saviours – They Do What They Can Do.
  1. Literary Society
  • Lingo Freaks – The Literary Club
  • Youth Parliament – NIRMAAN
  1. Story Society
  • Humans of Galgotias – Every Story Matters
  • APES Club
  • Grace Club
  1. Sports Society

The existence of diverse clubs makes it possible for students to opt for their field of interest. Through these clubs, students get the opportunity to represent the university at the inter-state and national stage. 


Faculty forms the backbone of any educational institution. With high-profile academicians, Galgotias University presents an opportunity for the students to gather excellent knowledge about their academic domain. The university follows a strict policy while hiring the faculty. Most of these academicians have prior working experience in the education industry and have expertise in their field of study. The university grants the academicians the right to proceed with a specific agenda in mind so that no student lacks in academics at the end of the day. 

Furthermore, the academicians back the students in publishing research papers and patenting them. They provide the students with enough knowledge concerning the scholarly arena and how to proceed in it. 


Galgotias University is acclaimed for the ergonomically constructed campus that is ideal for education and interaction. The facilities provided to the students align with the thought of a progressing and learning environment that can prepare the students for the forthcoming days. 

  1. Library: With a collection of more than 60,000 books and 1000 plus journals, the library at Galgotias satisfies the needs of every department. 
  2. Hostel: Since the university is located a little far from the hustle-bustle of the city, it provides the students with in-campus accommodation at relatively cheaper rates. 
  3. Medical facility: The University ensures the rendering of effective medical care by the employment of doctors and nurses. 

Altogether, a university as prestigious as Galgotias is a win-win institution for the students of India and Delhi-NCR, in particular. 

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