Lipozene Benefits and Side Effects

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If you are considering Lipozene, you may want to know what the benefits and side effects are. This is an important issue and one many people wish to understand before making a purchase. While most people have no problems with Lipozene, others do not tolerate it as well.

Only One Active Ingredient

What sets Lipozene apart from most other weight loss products is the fact it doesn’t contain any caffeine. In fact, the only active ingredient in Lipozene is a water-soluble fiber that is extracted from the Asian konjac plant. There is no caffeine in Lipozene, so users don’t have to worry about nervousness, the jitters, insomnia, or other after effects of caffeine. While the amount of fiber is not enough to fulfill the minimum daily requirement (25 grams), the fact the product is made up entirely of a healthy ingredient is a plus. 

Minimal Side Effects

While each person is different, most people are able to tolerate Lipozene with minimal side effects. Like anything that is new to the body, some people will show some negative signs that may include stomach distress, diarrhea, nausea, and constipation. This writer did read one review where the user complained of severe diarrhea for the two days she took Lipozene. It was to the point she feared leaving her house and could not be far from the bathroom. While this is unfortunate, it is uncommon. 


Due to the fact Lipozene contains dietary fiber, it can be beneficial in other ways besides weight loss. There are minimal side effects, with all in some way related to the abdomen. In order to be sure your body doesn’t have an adverse reaction, make sure you drink enough water in order to ensure the Glucomannan is able to turn into a very thick gel. Starting with a lower dosage and gradually increasing it will also help reduce the potential for suffering any ill effects.

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