4 Tips For Caring For Your New Puppy

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New puppies can be a lot of fun to play with and watch grow. They are also, however, quite a bit of work, especially if your new puppy is timid or shy. Timid puppies require special care because if they are not managed properly as puppies, they can grow up to be extremely under-socialized dog. Proper residential dog training can help with many of your puppy’s timid or shy behaviour, and if your new puppy acts shy or timid more than he should, you should look for the best residential dog training Manchester has available and start your dog in a residential dog training course right away.

Here Are Some Tips For Caring For Your New Puppy:

Approach Slowly- always approach a timid puppy slowly and make sure that he knows you are coming up to him. If he becomes overly startled, he could have an accident on the carpet or become so stressed and anxious that he begins chewing himself raw. Be sure to reward him for calm behaviour and as he becomes less timid.

Serve Dinner By Hand-when you are finally able to approach your new puppy within arm’s reach without startling him, try to serve him some dog food by hand. This will further improve the confidence of your puppy. If he is too stressed to eat in your presence, be patient and  don’t push your puppy too hard.

Give Treats-when you are able to serve your puppy food by hand, you can take it one step further. Make your puppy more confident and happier by giving treats regularly. It is possible to train your puppy without touching him. A good method is to use the treat-and-retreat interaction. When interacting with your puppy, you should toss him a treat and leave the area. Your puppy will associate specific behaviours with treats and good experience. Eventually, your puppy will show positive behaviours around you.

Involve Other Family Members- if your puppy starts to become confident around you, it is time to involve another family members. The other person may initially keep a safe distance, but the familiarisation process should be faster.And remember to look for the best residential dog training Manchester  has available and start your dog in a residential dog training course.

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