Web.com Reviews Explains Why This Is the Best Time to Start A Company

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Owing to the Coronavirus, 2020 may be the best time to start a company as the competition is low. According to a study, 57% of Fortune 500 companies have been founded during times of recession. This is the best time for the entrepreneurs to focus on building a product or service and start a new company for the same. Web.com Reviews explains here why this is the best time to start your own company.

The Reasons

  1. Easy to hire employees – With the pandemic gaining ground, most companies have been forced either to shut down or let go of some of their best employees. These employees are either speculating to start up a new company or planning to join a new one. Thus, it is an opportunity to grab the most qualified professionals for your company. The icing on the cake is that these recent redundant employees are ready to work at a much lower compensation prevalent in the market and on your terms and condition. Give your employees a listening ear and creative freedom and you would be building long term resources. 

  1. Better performance – When there is a shortage of capital, each and every employee would put in their best to ensure a smooth capital flow. When money is less in your hand you push yourself hard to earn it. Each penny is spent after careful consideration for the maximum benefit. The quality of performance rises during tough times. There is a lot at stake during this period and you are ready to take a risk for your company. You know that you cannot leave any stone unturned for the growth of your company. 

  1. Better advertising opportunities – As the financial crisis is looming over us during this period, the marketing budgets are almost cut down to zero. You need to take advantage of this situation of low advertising prices. Thinking ahead, it is time to buy low priced ad inventory and make full use of it especially digitally. Grasp the need of the hour and offer your consumers something they actually need and sell them like hotcakes. 

  1. A good head start – Although the initial weeks would be difficult to make sales or attract funds, you must think of it as a training period that is preparing you for a great future. Be ready to bite the dust and the future is yours. When everybody is scared to invest, you get an awesome head start by starting your company during this time. There will be less competition and it would be easier to win the race. When the economy gets back on its feet you would already gain ground and make good profits.


With minimal legacy costs, no draining layoffs, and fewer hassles from the bank in giving you credit Web.com Reviews hopes that you are inspired to start a new company this year. This is a big opportunity that not many people would be able to utilize.