What to Tell a Towing Company When You Call for Help?

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Experiencing an accident or damaging down on the side of the road is a difficult situation. When managing your inoperable vehicle, calling a tow vehicle is simply an additional step in the procedure. In order to make this process a little smoother, be sure to comply with these ideas when having your vehicle pulled.

  • Call Your Insurance Provider

Several insurance providers will compensate you for the price of being hauled, yet oftentimes they have favored hauling providers or range limits. Make sure to be in contact with them prior to your vehicle is pulled in order to know precisely how much you will be covered for.

  • Take Pictures of the Damage

Ensure to snap a couple of images of your automobile’s problem before the Towing truck [รถยกลากจูง, which is the term in Thai] gets here. This paperwork can be found convenient if any type of unexpected damages happens while your vehicle is being pulled. It’s additionally great to have documents when taking care of your insurance company.

  • Request A Rate Price quote

Different towing firms use different price methods. Some charge a level fee, while others charge per mile. Additionally, make certain to ask what type of settlement they accept so you don’t get stuck having to run to the ATM!

  • Ask How They Will Be Towing Your Vehicle

Both most typical means a car can be lugged are utilized a hook-and-chain or a flatbed. A flatbed tow is more excellent because the entire automobile is lifted up on the truck; whereas for a hook-and-chain, a hook is attached below your automobile, as well as could trigger damage. Make sure to be particular about the damages, this can in some cases affect the way the auto should be pulled.

  • Maintain the Receipt

Lots of insurers will reimburse you for being hauled if you provide them with the initial receipt. Just be sure to make a duplicate to keep for yourself!

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