Want to Invest In The Rental Of A Garage?

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Investing in real estate has been a popular investment method for many years. People often target real estate intended for residential or business use, such as an office or business. However, there is another alternative option that could guarantee good profitability. It is about investing in the rental of garages with complete features not limited to speed humps Unimat.

The garage rent is a regulated activity and attracts more and more investors. But is this a good idea? If so, how do you make a successful and risk-free investment? Discover the types of garages that you can rent and the methods to adopt to invest sufficiently in the garage rental.

The Different Types Of Garage For Rent

Before investing in the rental of a garage, it is necessary to know the locations that can be rented. There are three possibilities. Indeed, you can rent:

  • A garage attached to your house
  • A garage located in an independent domain

Parking Lots Located On Private Land Or In The Basement Of A Building

It is important to note that if you rent out a house, including the garage as an annex room, it is impossible to rent the garage at another price to the same tenant. On the other hand, it is possible not to include access to the residential lease premises. In this case, you can sign an independent rental agreement with a third party.

Note also that the tenant of the accommodation can rent it to another tenant unless a specific clause of the lease prohibits him if he has the right to use the garage. This is a sublet. Besides all this, the rented garage can have multiple uses. Indeed, the tenant has the right to use it as a warehouse or workshop.