What Can I Do While The Fire Damage Repair Mooresville North Carolina is Underway?

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The damage was extensive enough that you can’t use the property right now. Fortunately, most of the damage can be cleaned up and you can take care of the cosmetic work a little at a time. In the meantime, there’s the need to deal with smoke damage and similar issues. By hiring a company that can take care of the fire damage repair Mooresville North Carolina, it won’t be long until things get back to normal. In the meantime, there are a few things you should do.

Seek Temporary Living Quarters

Even if part of the place wasn’t damaged, the best move is to find a temporary place to live. An extended living establishment, a motel, or maybe lease an apartment or house on a month to month basis while the cleanup and repair is underway will provide some stability during this time of transition. Having somewhere to lay your head at night will go a long way toward making the entire process easier to manage. 

Check the Terms and Conditions of Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

You also want to dig out your copy of the homeowners’ insurance policy and read through the terms and conditions. Specifically, you want to take a close look at any provisions related to fire damage. That includes fires caused by acts of nature if that was the cause for the blaze. Your goal is to get an idea of how much coverage you have, and what that will mean in terms of paying for the cleanup and the repairs. 

Have a Word With Your Insurance Agent

It helps to sit down and talk things through with your insurance agent. If you’re not sure how many of the policy terms and conditions apply in your case, the agent can provide some input. Along with understanding how your policy applies in this situation, the agent can also help you understand what type of documentation is needed to go along with the claim forms. This provides you with the opportunity to begin compiling everything that’s needed. 

Even if the cleanup service will be filing much of the documentation on your behalf, this is an opportunity to understand what’s needed and make sure everything is prepared and remitted. Doing so will ensure that the claim can be evaluated without any delays and hopefully be processed sooner rather than later. 

Remain Available to Talk With the Cleanup Team

While you don’t want to spend your days looking over the shoulders of the cleanup team, it never hurts to be available if they have a question or need to consult with you about some aspect of the cleanup. They should be able to reach you by phone during standard business hours. It also helps if you can arrange to drop by every few days and see if they need anything else from you. 

Exercise Patience

While the fire didn’t last that long, the cleanup process could take some time. It all depends on how much damage took place. There will be times when you wish the entire episode was resolved and you could be back in your home. 

When patience is getting a little low, review the progress that’s been made. Remember that every day the team dedicates to the cleanup is one more day that brings you closer to having the home back. Focus more on what’s already done and try not to think so much about the work that remains. 

Remember that the team managing the fire damage repair Mooresville North Carolina knows how to manage tasks in an orderly fashion. This ensures that no time or resources are wasted along the way. Once the job is in their hands, step back and watch as they undo the damage. While it may be difficult for a time, things will be back to normal eventually.