5 Reasons to Leave a Decomposed Body Cleanup Scottsdale Arizona in the Hands of Experts

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In a world where it’s possible for someone to pass away and not be found for days, it’s important to realize that proper cleanup is essential. It’s not just about removing the corpse and possibly bedding or the sofa where the body was found. The decomposed body cleanup Scottsdale Arizona needs the expertise that only a trained team of biohazard experts can bring to the table. Along with removing the body, here are some examples of what else the team will do.

Dealing With the Odor

The odor of decomposing flesh is something that the living can only take for so long. Since the scent can get into just about everything, there are decisions to be made. Some items can be salvaged with a thorough cleaning. Others will have to be discarded. An expert will know which approach will result in removing the scent. 

Even with the sources of the odor removed, there will still be the need to air the space. That includes opening windows in the space if possible combined with using products that help to absorb the remaining odors rather than mask them. 

Deciding What to Do With Porous Materials

It’s not just the scent to consider. If there is any type of leakage of body fluids, they may penetrate porous materials. When that happens, the only way to eliminate the hazard is to remove them. That may include upholstered furniture, carpeting, and the underlying padding, and even materials like concrete. The team will be able to make decisions based on the type of material and whether the leakage is contained to the surface or is now embedded in that material. 

Proper Disposal of Furnishings

When furnishings need to be discarded, they aren’t hauled to a dump. The biohazard must still be contained. The team will go about destroying the furnishings using one of several methods authorized by local laws and regulations. The goal is to ensure that no other living thing is adversely affected by the hazard. 

Cleaning What’s Left

Once all sources of hazards are removed from the space, the deep cleaning begins. While continuing to wear protective gear, the team will go over every square inch of the space. Nothing is left untreated. As the cleaning proceeds, any lingering scents or traces of body fluids are eliminated. 

The Time to Do a Thorough Job

The amount of time needed to manage a complete decomposed body cleanup Scottsdale Arizona will vary from one scene to the next. Based on how long the body was in the space and what led to the death, it could take as little as a few hours to complete the task. In more complex situations, the team could need 48 hours or more to finish the cleanup. 

The task of removing a decomposing body and cleaning the space is not something most people would want to face. Rather than assuming that the use of standard cleaning products will remove all traces, it’s best to have a professional team take on the job. Armed with the right type of protective clothing, equipment, and plenty of experience, they are capable of ensuring the space is once again safe for the living to inhabit.