What are the various types of carton packaging available in the market?

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Some of the most commonly used carton packaging available in the market are listed below-

Nested Tray Type Carton Packaging

These types of carton packaging are done to save space on the desks of offices and workplaces where there is little to no space to keep miscellaneous items as the rooms are congested. This packaging acts as a storage as well as it solves the purpose of keeping document-oriented items in racks or trays which are made in the box itself. Items like newspapers, magazines, files, notice bundles etc can be easily kept.

Slotted Carton Packaging Boxes

The slotted carton boxes are used in industries for the purpose of storing and shipping of different types of items from one place to another. These slotted carton boxes are quite cost-effective and can be easily bought from the market at a very reasonable price. These boxes are widely used by many because of its cheap parcel box [กล่องไปรษณีย์ราคาถูก, which is the term in Thai]. These boxes are very strong to protect the content from getting any kind of damage either by handling or in shipping from one place to another. These are thus very useful in one’s day to day life.

Suitcase Type Package Boxes

These boxes, as the name suggests are in the shape of a suitcase or a briefcase which has a low height but has a long length and a breadth. It has a large flap that covers the entire box from the top. These are made out from corrugated cardboard boxes and comes in the category of a die-cut packaging box. This box has a handle of its own just like a suitcase does on the top and it closes on its own and thus this type of box separates it from other kinds of packaging boxes. These boxes are not just used for shipping purposes but also as a nice promotional gift due to its special unique features that none others have. These boxes come out to be highly functional packaging boxes.