Important terms to know for making better ads:

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  • AdRank is determined by the quality score and the maximum bidding value. If you have a higher value you will get more searches and eventually more sales. 
  • Google Ads work like the auction system. The company wants to generate as much revenue as possible while maintaining search quality. The higher you spent the better your ad performs.
  • CPC is the amount paid on a single click. It differs due to factors such as location and the type of keyword you are ranking for.
  • After signing up, you have to select the ad network. You must also have a solid knowledge about the different ad networks and their way of working.
  • CTR is an important term to keep in mind. It determines the clicks that lead to sales. This is the thing for which you are setting up your whole ads. The better the CTR the better is the revenue generated from sales.

What are the different ad types?

Some popular ad types are listed below:

  • Search ads are the most popular ads. These are the ads that appear in the search results when the user runs a query on the web. Most of the amount is spent for the use of these ads. The benefit of search ads is that these are displayed before the organic search results.
  • Responsive ads have more options. These are the ads with headlines and descriptions.
  • Display ads have the combination of an image and some content mostly. These ads are found on the websites. These websites get access to such ads by the use of Google Adsense and they earn a commission for displaying these ads while the owners of the ad pay to get their ads displayed.

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