What are some of the things that you need to know about immigration lawyer?

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Immigration is what defines a person’s citizenship as well as residency status. The citizenship and the residency status binds the people with rights as well as obligations. It is through the abogados de inmigracion that you will be able to gain residency of a particular country. Immigration is responsible for allowing visitations, acquiring citizenship and also determines if a person should be facing deportation. 

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What is the immigration process?

Some rules and regulations govern immigration indifferent countries. The rules are decided and formulated with a certain body of the government. Other bodies cannot interfere with immigration in different states. For example, in the USA, the only body that is concerned with immigration is congress. That is to say, the state government cannot interfere with matters of migration. That is to say, the all process is determined by the federal government. There are the customs and border protection immigration process that is responsible for monitoring the border of the country. There are the citizenship and immigration services that are responsible for checking into the application of those who are wishing to pursue the immigration of different people. There are the immigration and enforcement this is the section where immigration offenders are prosecuted. 

Two types of visas to apply for

Immigrant visa- this is the first type of visa that you can apply. This is the type of visa issued to people who wish to stay within the USA. if you are wishing to migrate to the USA to live and work, this is the type of visa that you should be looking for.

Non-immigrant visas-this type of visas is also known as the temporary visas that are given to visitors. Students can be given this type of visa and tourists can also qualify for this type of visa. If you are going to another country for business purposes, the non-immigrant visa can be the best type of visa to apply.

Ways of applying for an immigrant visa

There are many ways through which one can apply for an immigrant visa. Below are some of the ways

  • Apply via a family member

The first method to apply for an immigration visa successfully is by applying it through a family member.  If you have a family member who is a permanent resident of the USA, you can always use them to gain access to another country. Let them file a petition on behalf of another family member. The petition will be listened to and a decision reached if you should be allowed to be an immigrant or not.

  • Apply for refugee status

Another way to apply to be an immigrant is through applying for refugee status. According to the law, a refugee is a person who is seeking safety from their motherland. If your petition is approved, you can manage to be an immigrant through the refugee status. For the process to speed up, you need abogados de inmigracion

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