10 Budget Friendly Bengali Wedding Menu Ideas

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Are you a bhojoner roshik impending biye? Bengalis are well known for being foodie by nature. The variety of cuisines they have aptly justifies their foodie nature. Food is the most important part of a Bengali wedding. However grand a Bengali wedding might be without good food it is deemed to be incomplete. Good food is the essence of Indian weddings. Guests and invitees might forget the grandeur of the wedding but the taste of the delectable cuisines that they had at your wedding continues to linger on their taste buds forever. 

Are you having a wedding in Kolkata? Have you booked the best wedding caterers in Kolkata for your big day? Are you tight on a budget, planning for having an economical wedding? Having a traditional Bengali wedding? With the plethora of Bengali cuisines available in the market selecting the ones to include in your wedding menu is a dainty task.  Who said that being on a budget you cannot serve your guests with variety of cuisines? Even a budget wedding cannot refrain you from having a grand buffet spread. Wondering how is that even possible? Here are some of the best budget friendly Bengali wedding menu ideas. Here have a look at the scrumptious menu curated especially for you.

  1. Mochar Chop

An appetizer that serves as the perfect tea time snack in the Bengali families. Mochar chop is a delicacy that is made from banana flowers. The cutlet is a delicious starter snack. Mochar chop is a subtle balance of boiled banana flower mixed with raisins, ginger and Indian spices and is deep fried. Packed with the goodness of spices the chop serves as the perfect conversation starters at the weddings.

  1. Macher Chop

At your wedding you have guests with different tastes and likings. You do not want your guests to return with a hunger stomach from your wedding that is the last thing you would want to happen. If at your wedding your expecting the turnout of guests who crave for non vegetarian food then you need to have something for them as well. Serve your guests with macher chop which is the perfect cocktail snack. Fish is Bengali’s first love is a part of their staple diet. Macher chop is a deep fried cutlet made of potato stuffed with spicy fish filling. Serve it with kasundi and sliced onions and lemons to give a perfect start to your wedding reception.

  1. Begun Bhaja

Begun Bhaja is a delicious appetizer that goes well with luchi and rice. Begun Bhaja is made by thinly slicing the brinjals and coating them with spices followed by pan frying them until they become crunchy and crispy. Begun Bhaja is the ideal accompaniment for the main course meals

  1. Koraishutir Kochuri

Kochuri is a stuffed puri or luchi in Bengali.The Kochuri is made by mashing peas along with Indian spices and stuffing the filling inside it. The stuffed Kochuri is then deep fried until crispy. The Kochuri goes well with the curry dishes.

  1. Dum Aloo

Bengali wedding menu is hard to imagine without the signature recipe of curried potatos. Dum Aloo can be made of both baby potatoes and medium sized potatoes. The Bengali dish is made by boiling the potatoes and frying them until golden brown and adding them to a spicy curry.

  1. Potoler Dolma

Potol signifies to parwal or gourd in Bengali while Dolma refers to a stuffed vegetable packed with the goodness of Indian spices. The Potoler Dolma comes in two varients i.e. in both veg and non veg options. The veg variant of Potoler Dolma consists of stuffing the potol with paneer and dry fruits and adding it to a curry. The non veg variant of Potoler Dolma consists of stuffing the Potol with Prawns and fish and adding it to the gravy.

  1. Dhokar Dalna

A traditional Bengali dish, Dhokar Dalna consists of spiced lentil koftas or cakes that are deep fried until crispy and are soaked in a curry made of coconut, tomatoes and onions. Dhokar dalna can be made as a curried or as dry dish and goes well with rotis and rice.

  1. Pulao

A traditional Bengali rice dish that goes well with both the veg and non veg curried dishes.  Pulao is made by cooking the rice along with spices and vegetables in a manner to provide a perfect balance.

  1. Kosha Mangsho

An authentic Bengali mutton curry that is known for its aromatic fragrance and and is packed with the goodness of Indian herbs.

  1. Rasogulla

The lip smacking authentic Bengali sweet  Rasogulla is made of chenna and is dipped in sugar syrup. A must have for a Bengali wedding you simply cannot miss out on this sweet delight.

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