Tips to Help You Clean Your UV Lamps and System

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Maintaining your ultraviolet lamps and UVC system (ระบบ UVC, which is the term in Thai) is very important to evade problems that could inhibit your UVC lamp from effectively curing.

Wearing gloves is strongly recommended when handling a UVC lamp to prevent contaminants like fingerprints from staying on the quartz body’s surface. For efficient cleaning of the lamp, use any of isopropanol wipes or isopropanol alcohol. The cloth should be run on the quartz body to remove dirt and any dust.

Each UV lamps is examined and cleaned for thoroughly during the production process

Reflectors are behind a good number of the ultraviolet radiation that gets to the substrate, thus reflection loss can lead to vital issues with ultraviolet curing. When a reflector is dirty, UV systems are most likely to fail to cure. Isopropanol wipe can be used to clean reflectors. Still, if you are sure that your ultraviolet reflector isn’t polish-finished or coated, for instance, dichroic reflectors, you can use a rubber block to clean dirt from the surface gently.

Ensure the reflectors and lamp are handled with care during cleaning, and when you substitute them.

The benefits of UV Lamp Maintenance

Why is it important to clean the UV lamp? Maintaining the UV lamp is essential for a UV system to operate correctly. Poor lamp care can result in machine failure and flawed curing results.

Problems, like surface contamination of the lamp occur when contaminants like fingerprints, powder spray, and dust glue to the lamp surface. These contaminants reduce the UV radiation that penetrates the quartz wall, leading to reduced output of ultraviolet light intensity.

Maintaining the system, reflectors, and lamps regularly could add an extra 10 percent to 20 percent of working hours to an ultraviolet lamp.

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