Playing Poker: Probability Rules

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Woman hand holding aces and king cards

Yes, we want to succeed when we decide to play poker. Success in the medium and long term depends on our ability and the decisions with the favorable expectation that we make, that is, that bring a benefit to our play. To make these decisions correctly, it is essential to know and take into account the probabilities.

Mathematics is present in all the decisions of the game. This involves the decision to play certain hands and how we play them, the bets we make and the size of them, the estimation of cards and plays of our opponents, the victory rating of our play.

Even bad beats make mathematical sense when playing poker, taking into account that they are part of the mathematical probability, since we will not always win with AA (finishing all-in pre-flop will win 80% of the time) and it is a statistical deviation.

In Paul Phua, we will expand more information about probability regarding poker. Although some do not have very large bases in statistics or probability, we are going to give you the fundamental guidelines that you must follow to play poker correctly.

We have to be able to understand and apply certain fundamental variables such as variance statistics, the percentage that corresponds to our rivals in direct confrontations against us, especially when we have projects to complete or plays to perform.

Do not be scared. To perform poker-related operations, we simply have to know how to subtract, add, multiply, and divide mentally with some ease. Although each time we level up, playing poker becomes more complicated. The reality is that the mathematical and statistical calculations that we must do will also become more convoluted, but its difficulty does not rise linearly as it makes it known.

Even so, do not underestimate the power of probability when playing professional poker, we must consider it if we want to be big winners.