Tips on writing ads on Assortlist Classifieds

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There are countless free classified ad websites which do operate on the internet and all these sites permit users to post their advertisements to the market for free or even sell their products and services. Nonetheless, when you don’t get onto a few of these free classified ad websites then you will notice that your ads weren’t well projected. The finest way to create excellent ads is by studying and understanding the ads that you really loved. A superb way to study the ads is by creating a file on your laptop and save every good ad that you see online.

While writing an advertisement on free classified sites, like Assortlist Classifieds, the majority of the professionals do use the AIDA formula that stands for “Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.” By “A” is meant attention and it is related to your heading. For grabbing the attention of the viewers, you must make excellent ad headlines. When you have managed to grab your viewers’ attention, then you must make your advert desirable and interesting and here, you must mention key points as to why people should buy your product or what’s so special about your product or services. Finally, you have to end it with “price negotiable” or “plus extras” and it will provide the viewers an opportunity to contact you that will ultimately augment your opportunities for sale.

What must you consider while creating free classifieds advert?

You must pay similar attention to free adverts as you do to the paid ones. When you are selling an excellent product then you must represent it well too. Always be mindful that a poorly developed advert will never gain attention and you will be just wasting your time. You must follow the below-mentioned guide for making a good format for a classified site, like Assortlist Classifieds:

  • Appropriate title – It is important to get found yourself in the search.
  • A catchy tag line – A catchy tag line draws the customers in.
  • Form the product’s summary at the ad’s top and this way; readers will be able to see it at a glance. After this, they will prefer to go through the more descriptive text.
  • Make a list of your product and services’ unique selling points.
  • Lastly, it highly important to develop thorough text under the chief advert for including all the salient points of your products or services which you represent. Here, you must keep this in mind to break your text in small paragraphs as readers love separate paragraphs in place of a huge chunk of text.