5 Common Cat Health Problems That You Must Know

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Being a proud pet owner, most of you might have observed that among dogs and cat, the cats are good at self-maintenance. But this doesn’t mean, they can stay away from diseases and various health issues. In terms of pet cats, you will always have some diseases which may affect your cat and cause health damage.

Here we will discuss 5 common cat health problems that you should be aware of.

Infectious Diseases: In the case of cats, respiratory infection is the most common infection problem that they face. Your cat will show some symptoms for this problem, like teary eyes, running nose, persistent cough, etc. Once you diagnose this problem in the initial stage, you need to visit the doctor and treat the viral illness. But being an internal disease, there is not any strong remedy to this problem. Hence prevention of this problem is the best remedy.

Vomiting: This is something that you will find as the symptoms for various health issues. Whether your cat has faced internal infection or has consumed poisonous food, there are chances of vomiting in the cats. During the vomiting cat experience lack of appetite as well as lack of water intake. But it’s essential to provide adequate liquid to maintain the health and get relief.

Heartworm: Heartwork is most common in cats as well as dogs. It is a parasite that resides on the skin and gives birth to larva, developing more parasites on the skin. If you can diagnose the problem in the beginning, you can use inflammatory pills to cure the problem but in case you missed the initial stage, the operation is the second option to remove heartworm. Coughing, frequent loss; respiratory problems are some of the common symptoms of heartworm. There are medicines that you can buy from Canada Pharmacy stores and treat heartworm.

Fleas: Similar to heartworm, fleas are another big trouble for your pets. The symptoms of fleas attack are also similar to heartworm which includes patches of hair loss, flea eggs on the pet’s skin, continues scratching, skin irritation, etc. As a treatment, you can use insecticides, but always ask the vet doctor before selecting the best insecticides for the pet.

Dental Disease: Mouth is the first part that your pet use to find something interesting or annoying. And that’s the major reason why your pet gets affected with dental diseases. There may be either tooth decay or gum problems that can dispel your pet from eating anything. The situation even gets worse when your pet completely denies to intake anything. You can observe the change in way of chewing as well as any redness in the gums.

So, whether you already own a cat or is planning to own from someone other, it’s important to learn about the common health issues that you might face. All these problems can be easily diagnosed with a change in behaviour. It’s better to reach the veterinary doctor to take the best treatment for the problem. Lastly, you should always avoid using medicines without taking the prescription from the veterinary doctor.