Step by Step DIY Water Damage Repair Service Before Calling The Professionals

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Puddles are inevitable after a strong storm, which means you have to shut off electricity and the source of water. Before the commencement of water damage repair service, you have to be adequately prepared. As is typical of wet materials, ignoring them long facilitates mold infestation. If after 24 hours, you haven’t performed any of the tasks below, you should be ready to hire effective water damage repair at higher costs:

  1.   Are you familiar with the different types of water?

There are three different types of water in the home. You know them too. The first being ‘clean water’ is the type you get from rainfall, condensation, and pipes. When your home is flooded with this type of water, you can get rid of it without help. But a water damage repair service would cost about $4 for each square foot if you decide to hire a professional. Know that the total cost often doesn’t include replacement services. Gray water is the second type of water. Obtained from clean toilets, washing machine, and dishwaters, they have a characteristic color with contaminants. Also, you can execute the cleaning process without the professionals. If you have $5 to spare for every square foot, you can hire a reputable water damage repair service.

Black water is caused by severe flooding and sewage. This third type of water harbors bacteria, wastes, and contaminants. In the long run, black water has substantial health implications and would cost as high as $7 to hire water damage repair service for each square foot.

  1.   Inspect for mold infestation

When you talk about the flood in the home, you cannot forget mold and mildew. In less than a day, high moisture content can lead to attic condensation, which, in turn, causes mold formation. Few molds are slightly threatening, but the mold of them are fatal toxins. If you suffer small mold problems, scrape off the infected area, bag, and discard. For serious molds, evacuate the building and hire efficient water damage repair service for mold remediation services.

  1.   Dry out the affected regions

If you want to curb further damage, you must be rid of moisture completely. Even if you were a victim of small leaks, you should endeavor to be thorough. In the absence of industrial fans, you can use regular fans for air circulation. For more significant problems, hire vents and dehumidifiers to dry out curtains, coverings, and other absorbent materials. Getting rid of moisture in the home is the crux of the matter.

  1.   Discard damage porous materials

Fabric, carpets, and insulating materials are porous materials with high absorption. If you cannot cut them out, discard the material as a whole. Water renders permanent damage to materials, quickening the mildew formation process. For furniture, isolate them and dry them until the moisture content has reduced. Other porous materials are wood, unsealed cement, and drywall.

Water damage repair service becomes important when DIY tips are not enough. The four steps highlighted in the article are the first safety measures to take before the arrival of experts.