5 midcentury modern chairs that would be great statement pieces

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These days, having flashy ornamentations as statement objects in your interior design is just super trite. The era of contemporary modernism is still in full swing, and people love how furniture can be used to create interesting focal points all throughout their spaces. The midcentury modern furniture genre is full of some really amazing pieces that you can use to create really attractive spaces throughout your interior designs with. Here are 5 to get you started:

  1. Platner chair

The effortless style and easy comfort of the Platner chair is exactly what most interior designs need to feel trendy. It’s got an eye-catching wire physique and an ergonomic body that invites you to sink into it. But best of all is that it’s got a really attractive presence that can make your spaces feel stylishly anchored. The interior design in this image is an excellent example of how you can accomplish this – just the chair paired with an end table in the corner is all you need to make the perfect statement.

  1. Egg chair

The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen is as statement-worthy as they come. It’s got a very homogenous design that is as inviting as it is eye-catching. You can set it up in your living rooms, bedrooms, and even man-caves. You can use it to emulate contrast in your spaces. It’s the kind of midcentury modern furniture that can totally transform the whole ambiance of your interior design with just its presence.

  1. Slice chair

The casual design and simple beauty of the slice chair is perfect for homes that exude a low-key vibe. You can pair it with a bookcase or a small shelf/rack to deliver a wholesome picture. You can even customize the color/fabric of the chair so that it stands out against the wall. The set-up featured in this image the perfect example of how you can use this midcentury modern chair to spruce up casual spaces.

  1. Fri chair

The Fri chair has understated elegance that is perfect for making a statement in chic, sophisticated homes. It’s available in a number of upholstery choices, so no matter what kind of backdrop that you’ve got, it can deliver on all fronts. The small alcove in this image is an excellent example. The grey scandi-beauty of this midcentury modern furniture piece makes the dark backdrop feel really interesting and charismatic at the same time.

  1. The Heart Chair

The unabashed eclectic designing of the heart chair is exactly what you need to make your homes instantly eye-catching. You can use it as a single piece or you can use it in clusters depending on the size of your space. It has an extremely unique design and so you can definitely get creative with its backdrop as well. The idea is to make the whole presentation as eye-catching as possible, and this particular midcentury modern furniture never fails to deliver.

So, these are the five midcentury modern chair that can make amazing statement pieces in your homes. We hope that this ice-breaker can better help you get in the game.