How To Install Your Speed Bumps

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Installation rules for Speed Bumps:

  • On tracks with more than 6,000 vehicles on average per day
  • On tracks serving emergency centers
  • Less than 200 meters from the limits of a built-up area
  • On tracks with a slope greater than 6%
  • On radius bends less than 200 meters and out of bends at a distance of less than 40 meters
  • On or in an engineering structure (bridge, tunnel, etc.)
  • On carriageways with more than one traffic lane per direction

To respect the installation of the cushion in the case of a two-way traffic road 6 m to 7.40 m wide, the space provided must be between 1 m and 1.20 m.

The spacing between the sidewalk and the cushion must be between 0.70 m and 1.20 m. A continuous line must also precede and follow the installation of this signage by at least 10m.

When the roadway requires the passage of pedestrians, the pedestrian crossing should be between 3 and 5 m long. The spacing between the two cushions must be less than or equal to 1m. The spacing between the sidewalk and the cushion must be less than or equal to 1.20 m. A continuous line must precede or follow the layout of the pedestrian crossing by at least 10 m.

Installation Rules For Plateau Type Retarders:

Plateau-type speed bumps which can be seen in Unimat traffic are used on tracks with heavy goods vehicles and public transport. They are also used both on 50 km / h with occasional limitation at 30 km / h and in zones 30.

Installation of signage for speed bumps:

All speed bumps installed on public roads are subject to strict signaling regulations. A vertical traffic sign must precede each retarder. There are several types of signs depending on the type of retarder used.

What road should markings be observed for your retarders? :

When installing a retarder on public roads, it is necessary to respect the installation of a specific marking on the ground to indicate to motorists the installation of the retarder in question.

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