Detox vs Rehab: Know The Difference

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Understanding the Difference Between Detox vs Rehab | STR

Not many people can overcome addiction on their own. They need professional help to cope with it.

Addiction when left untreated can cause various health disorders and even destroy lives. This is why you need professional addiction treatment to solve the problem.

Rehab and detox are the two solutions that can help beat addiction. But before that, you need to know the difference between the two.

From detox to rehab, we will give you a full explanation of both types of addiction treatment. Here you go with the details:

  • Detox Treatment

Detox is practiced to help prepare your body and mind for addiction treatment. It is the first step to fight addiction. 

In this phase, you get rid of all toxic substances from your body. Most detox programs last for about a week or two. During this stage, you regain control over your body. Once your body is rid of all the toxic substances, you can stay sober. But without detox, your body continues to malfunction because of the presence of toxic substances, which makes rehabilitation necessary.

Besides cleaning your body of toxins, detox also helps reduce the discomfort and pain of withdrawal. It makes your body strong and improves your behavior.

  • Rehab

Rehab centers focus mainly on the health of your mind. To be more precise, it helps you to find a new lifestyle with good habits. The goal of rehabilitation is to help you remain sober even after you leave the rehab.

Once your body is rid of alcohol and drugs, you can function normally and head towards a better life. But this process takes longer than detox and lasts for about 1 to 3 months.

In rehab, they focus on your coping skills and physical symptoms to help reduce your chance of relapse.

Both rehab and detox help addicts to go back to their normal, addiction-free lives. If you know someone that needs help, you should take them to a detox center or a rehab.