2 Things You Need To Know For TCAS Thammasat exam

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TCAS Thammasat [tcas ธรรมศาสตร์, which is the term in Thai] is an examination conducted by Thammasat University which is a public research university in Thailand. According to the TCAS Admission Calendar Thamsat Year 65 Examination, this is done in 3 stages namely Round 1 Portfolio, Round 2 Quota, and Round 3 Admission.


Before picking a goal or starting planning for the best three TCAS preparatory books, those interested in applying for faculty should check first. Including the weight of the test score so that you can choose to focus on the exact point that should be invested or what things should be done. Adding to that, you can be told that some faculties use only one subject and may pass the exam.


Faculty of Social Sciences, TCAS, Thammasat, Round 3


 Many art students will aim for this group because most of the scores used in the submission are subjects that art students can pass all the exams! But you have to check carefully because each faculty has different sub-disciplines. Some faculties have different forms of scoring criteria.


Faculty of Health Sciences, TCAS, Thammasat, Round 3


For all the students who are going to take the exam, this group must be good in all areas be it English, Maths, or Science, so it is a class that is suitable for those who are ready for the exam or have a good foundation. At this time of year. However, for those who are still in high school or just entering high school, there is still time to plan your studies to prepare for the exam. And don’t forget to focus on weights and subjects first for testing!

Pre-TCAS Admission English course can be done as a summary of content for TCAS exam preparation. TCAS also emphasizes problem-solving and posting content and strategies for taking the TCAS exam in each case in the English Admission Course.