What you should Consider Talking to your Urologist about ED 

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When it comes to erectile dysfunction or ED, rest assured most people could be treated easily. You should consider talking to urologist brooklyn new york about the below-mentioned steps. 

Look for various medical causes 

Rest assured ED could be early warning signs of a more grave underlying condition in your body. It could be anything such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart ailments. Treatment of these conditions would help you improve your ED along with overall health. 

Reviewing the medicines 

Erectile dysfunction could result due to the side effect of several medicines. It would be inclusive of the medicines consumed for treating depression, high blood pressure, heartburn, pain, allergies, anxiety, cancer, and seizures. If your ED is a result of your medication, your doctor should change the dosage of your medicine or find a suitable alternative medicine. 

Changing your lifestyle 

Unhealthy habits or lifestyles could also result in erectile dysfunction. Consider losing extra weight, do regular exercises, reduce drinking, quit smoking, and stop drug abuse. 

Medicine for boosting erections 

Certain medicines have been effective in increasing the blood flow to the penis when taken an hour before the sexual intercourse. You should consider discussing the medication and its side effects with your healthcare provider. He would be your best bet for providing information on the benefits and side effects of consuming such medicines. Do not consume the medicines when you were already consuming any medicine for heart problems. The blend could cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure. 

Seeking emotional assistance for distress 

Mostly, erectile dysfunction would be due to a physical cause. In such an event, it could be treated easily. However, performance anxiety, depression, and relationship problems could also cause erectile dysfunction or make it worse. Counseling would be helpful when done with your partner or even alone. Your healthcare provider could guide you to the best urologist.