What Makes Indian Rummy Tournaments so Exciting?

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When discussed card games in India, rummy always tops the list among the card players. If you aren’t aware, the rummy card games originated in Mexico and Spain as early as the 1800s. By spanning among various versions, the most popular game emerged, known as 13 card rummy.

The online rummy tournaments have elevated the stakes of online rummy games lately by reforming the entire gaming experience, which helps the players profit from the skills and time they spend online. At the current time, the tournament comes loaded with tones of features and jackpots.

If you play rummy with your friends in the traditional way, take some time and get online. Enjoy the features of both cash and free rummy tournaments online. The key highlights of tournaments are:

  • Exciting rewards

The first and foremost aspect of online rummy is rewards or tournaments. One can earn cash rewards by playing tournaments, and it can go modest up to 6 figure prizes in leading online rummy platforms. All the top players race hard to win the game and get an entitled share of the winning prize to get a proper leaderboard position.  

  • Scheduled level-oriented tournaments

The players who wish to participate in tournaments need to register themselves in advance as they begin at a pre-decided time. It also functions in a level-oriented format. For example, a tournament can be hosted by any online gaming platform on three different levels, each level of 10 minutes. In such games, the players having maximum points get eliminated at the end of every level. The remaining players compete at the final round to win the featured prize.

  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly

The online rummy tournaments can be featured at different intervals and days of the month. Typically, the highly guaranteed tournaments are hosted live either every week or every month. Those who wish to play daily can also find many special tournaments hosted daily with decent guarantees. A proper way of keeping up with the tournament calendar of any platform can be visiting its monthly promotional page or checking over the lobby from time to time.

  • Free rummy tournaments with an actual cash price

Reputed online platforms host free rummy tournaments online to offer prices and cash rewards. Also, they include free entry tickets to many of the bigger tournaments. The main motive behind free tournaments is for skills and fun.

  • Entry/ buy-in fees

The Indian rummy tournaments offer a featured fixed number of players, and hence to ensure a seat, the players must deposit a buy-in fee as a part of their registration. In some of the tournaments, entry fees aggregate up to the total price of the pool. In others, the players receive complimentary tickets to bigger tournaments by playing mini games. Also, some of the tournaments ask for a minimum deposit to get a free ticket to enter and play in the hosted game.


These were a few of the exciting features making the Indian rummy tournament exciting and a point of attraction among the frequent players and the newcomers.

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