What Brand Experts Say About Patch Design for Fire Department

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In this era of information overload, it is getting increasingly difficult to build a unique identity. Even if you are successful in building one such identity for your department it is equally difficult to remain active and positively connected with the perception of people.

According to brand experts, the symbolic visual presentation of identity remains in the memory field for a longer duration. This holds equally valid for your fire department. So designing a Fire Department Patch Design is of great value for your department so that you could build a strong connect with masses and earn lifelong trust.

Our interaction with several brand experts suggests that these are some of the points your fire department needs to keep in mind while designing a patch.

  • Identity

The whole idea is to build a strong and effective identity to connect well with your people. Your identity must match the perceptual limits and extremes of your people. For your fire department, the identity should reflect the theme of protection and safety.

  • History/Geography

For effective connect with your people the historical relation could help in penetrating the mind space easily. In addition to that, the symbolic presence of local geography could further strengthen that bond.

  • Messaging

Your purpose of safety and protection should reflect in your messaging. This should be small (3 to 4 words) and very phonetic. The rhythms like ‘just do it’ could do wonder in terms of positive connect.

  • Simplicity (color, font & shape size)

The most important point is the simplicity of design. You have to keep the need for size and space in mind. For a better visibility, you have to keep the background color in mind and accordingly choose font and color.

  • Interactivity

Although it is beyond the scope of patch design to have an element of interactivity embedded in it. But, if it is there it could help in real terms. Like ‘may I help you’ breaks that barrier and helps in starting the conversation.

Space and size is a big limitation when it comes to design a patch. Bringing all the above elements will not be advisable. You should focus on 2-3 elements and accordingly highlight it in design.