What are the casino facts that you should know about 

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There are a variety of interesting, legends, myths, and stories which surround casinos which most of the time seem to be true. There are tales about great luck, atomic bomb parties, and disgusting personal hygiene. Some of the facts which are very interesting come from societies where casinos are not allowed.  

Japan gamblers are forced to utilize a larger lopphole of legal  in order to get sorted out, while one of the globe’s famous casino located in Monaco, prohibits its locals from playing. In the USA, Las Vegas is the king, but there are some which are found in India tend to also be a big force to reckon despite having humble origins. 

Below are some of the craziest and most interesting facts you might not have known about casinos but which you will be updated at mobile wins

  • By gambling in Vegas, the Founder of FedEx was able to save the company: This is an inspiring story for small business owners and aspiring gamblers. The founder of the company was able to save the company from collapsing by gambling in Las Vegas and winning $27,000 in a blackjack game. At that particular time, the company only had $5000 when Frederick Smith decided in 1973, to fly to Las Vegas and risk it all. Though it is not a good business or investment advice, his gamble paid off and it allowed the company to last long enough to be able to raise $11 million and eventually in 1976, earned its first profit. 
  • You can burn yourself from the casino voluntarily: If for some reason your gambling becomes out of hand, various states will allow you to ensure that you burn yourself from casinos making it criminal to be seen in any casino. In Ohio, there is what is referred to voluntary exclusion program which is meant for gamblers who are looking to stop the habit which allows them to be able to ban themselves either for a period of five years or for life. In case  you decide to choose the lifetime ban, you should mean it or else, you will have it rough. There is no way to get your name off the list once you commit to quit forever.
  • There used to be a casino for the Nevada State prison: In Nevada, gambling is such a big business, that even there was a casino inside a state prison for 35 years. Inmates could play poker, craps, blackjack, and even bet on spots while inside the bullpen, which is a stone building on the grounds of the prison in Carson City between 1932 to 1967. It was during 1967 that it was closed by a warden from California, who believed that gambling was a degradation to the inmates. 
  • At the Monte Carlo casino Citizens of Monaco cannot be able to bet there: The Monte Carlo casino which is infamous tends to be a gambler’s paradise so long as you are not from Monaco, otherwise,  you have to go somewhere else.