Understanding the Concept of Layering in Unattended Death Cleanup Mesa Arizona

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An unattended death may be discovered soon after the person passes away, or it could be days or weeks before someone finds the body. The most practical choice is to have professionals take care of the unattended death cleanup Mesa Arizona and ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Some professionals in the field refer to a process known as layering. Essentially, this is the phrases used to structure the cleaning process. Here is an example of a layered approach that is sometimes used to clean the sites of unattended deaths.

Layer One: Removing the Body

Depending on the cause of death and the amount of decomposition that’s already taking place, the procedure used to remove the body and transport it for an autopsy will vary. One of the things that people should know is that professionals are trained to do everything they can to manage the task while being respectful of the individual who has passed away. That fact should provide a measure of comfort to the loved ones who are mourning the loss of a friend or relative.

Layer Two: Disposing of What Can’t Be Cleaned

Depending on the cause of death and the amount of time that has passed, some materials may be beyond cleaning. This can include area rugs, carpeting, upholstered furniture, bedding, window treatments, and other elements within the space. Before the cleaning can commence, it’s not unusual for items that cannot be salvaged to be removed from the premises, That makes it all the easier for the team to identify all remaining surfaces that must be cleaned.

Layer Three: Deep Cleaning What Remains

All remaining surfaces, furnishings, and other items are deep cleaned. That includes cleaning any residue from painted surfaces like walls or the flooring. Wooden furniture can often be cleaned, especially if the wood is already protected with some type of sealant. No part of the space is overlooked. Even areas like the corners where the ceiling meets the walls are inspected to ensure there are no lingering traces of tissue, blood, or other fluids.

It’s during this phase that deodorizing occurs. Depending on how long the body remained undiscovered, the smell within the space can be significant. As the cleaning takes place, agents to cleanse the air are released. Between the deep cleaning and the efforts to deodorize the space, there’s a good chance that no one will ever know what took place in the room.

Layer Four: Inspecting the Cleaning

Before the team will consider the unattended death cleanup Mesa Arizona to be complete, every square inch of the space is gone over again. The goal is to determine if any minute traces of fluids or tissues remain. It’s also helpful in making sure there are no lingering stains or scents trapped in any of the soft surfaces. Assuming that the team finds nothing, the cleaning is considered finished.

Remember that professionals offering unattended death cleanup have the objectivity to manage the tasks involved while also providing empathy for loved ones and respect for the deceased. One call is all it takes to ensure that this part of moving on from what has occurred will be managed with professionalism and efficiency.