Types of Materials You Should Choose for Your Polo Shirts

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A polo T shirt is a terrific, versatile product that I put all my clients in eventually people collaborating. They’re timeless and a cornerstone of any great summer or spring season attire. I usually advise wearing them in place of tee shirts, as they provide an informal attire a bit of polish, which is never a negative point. No matter your physique or age, every man requires a few golf shirts in his closet.

A good polo shirt will:

  • Fit like a glove.
  • Make you look sleekier as well as assembled.
  • Enhance the great parts of your figure as well as conceal the imperfections.
  • Only have brief sleeves, lengthy sleeved polos have no place in your closet.
  • Layer exceptionally well.


Material selection is the most significant thing to take into consideration when selecting a golf shirt and greatly dependent on your type of body. The material you pick will determine just how good or bad you look in a polo shirt.


Piqué cotton polo shirts are made with cotton thread as well as have slim ribbing visible in the garment. The structure is soft, as well as if you look very closely, you can see the securely elevated cables that offer a waffle-like look.

When I’m working with a customer that’s anxious concerning his belly being accentuated, I always choose pique cotton. Consider the textile as airbrushing your torso as well as hiding the problem locations.


If you remain in decent form, avoid the piqué polos as well as get hold of a few cotton-silk mixed/cotton polo shirts. The product looks better on your body type as well as is softer and extra comfortable than pique cotton. These polos have a smooth, modern appearance that are excellent by themselves or below a coat. Beware, it’ll beam a limelight on your body’s flaws if you’re not healthy!

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