Top 5 most played online games in 2020

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The Online Game sector is among the fastest-growing one of the amusement market. The Game businesses have been quickly embracing the newest advancements and technology and leveraging it to enhance the gaming experience. Many games now are as great as a real-life situation. Many games have catalysed revolutions and players are playing around the clock.

Here we take a look at a few of the hottest online games in 2020.


This is unquestionably the hottest online game in 2020. A rumour concerning the chance of the game being prohibited made waves round the gaming sector. It was designed and launched from the PUBG Corporation in 2018 and can be available to be performed on Xbox, PC, iOS and Android apparatus.

It’s a mission First-person shooter game and you may comprise around 99 consumers at one time. Gamers need to endure to the end for the”Chicken Dinner”. It’s famous among girls and boys equally.  People are also curious to know about casino games.


This game has many modes and contains no limitations to what a gamer could perform. There happen to be players that have built those worlds within the sport. Minecraft is a sandbox sport and does not have any limitations. It has 4 manners — Spectator, Creative, Survival and Adventure.

Essentially, it’s the best of all worlds. It was established by Majong from 2011 and can be an internet game accessible to be performed on Windows, iOS, Linux and Android apparatus. It’s over 91 million consumers globally. The very best thing is this game appeals to all age groups and sexes and has a mobile version accessible. Can you take a look at the most recent spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons?


This internet game has been launched by Epic Games in 2017 and continues to be their most popular sport as. It’s over 39 million consumers worldwide and is available to be performed on Xbox, PC, iOS and Android apparatus. It requires players to be good at building stuff and also to use survival skills in precisely the exact same moment.

It’s the closest competition for PUBG and is, actually, better in certain areas but it’s been in a position to allure majorly to boys and thus includes a lesser player foundation.

Counter-Strike: International Offensive

Counter-Strike has a massive fan following since its very first launch. Gamers around the globe have been mad about this sport for several years. It is a multiplayer shooter game with two sides — both the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. The hottest Global Offensive premiered by Valve Corporation in 2014.

Gamers flocked to play with the sport and it’s over 32 million players. It’s available across all significant devices such as iOS, Xbox, OSX, Windows, PS3 and Linux.

Together with CS:GO being really popular across the world, gamers are continuously looking for ways to get an edge. Besides ability, it is important to get the ideal gear to provide an edge. By way of instance, the best headsets for CS:GO will lead audio in much more detail, which means it is possible to hear anybody creeping upon you.

Similarly, the best CS:GO track ensures you’re enjoying the sport in high-resolution so it’s possible to spot enemies more obviously. Factors like these may make a massive difference to your operation. Also check with sports app development company

League of Legends or LOL

LOL premiered in 2009 by Riot Games. Although older, it is an evergreen match. Players compete against each other using their winners in a game with fantastic graphics and a few cool personality motions. It’s a multiplayer RPG game with a few significant fan following. It’s accessible across Xbox, Android, PC and iOS apparatus.

Together with AR and VR being embraced by the gambling business, it is going to be intriguing to learn how the gaming sector entails in the time to come. I hope you like reading this article.

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