Tips To Handling Your Facebook Admin Pages

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When Facebook launched the Timeline concept for business pages, it made the contact experience between brands and their users even more exciting. And for those who run a fan page, a new method of control called the Admin Panel, has become a fundamental tool to make the relationship with the consumer more effective.

If you still do not know how to take advantage of all the utilities it brings, do not be scared. TechTudo has prepared a little guide on how to make you monitor Web and Facebook admin pages services (รับดูแลเว็บไซต์ which is the term in thai), very carefully, with exceptional practicality.

·         Notifications

The notifications panel unites all the “bookmarks” that your company receives on the social network. Whether it’s a comment, tagging a photo, or even a user “likes” content posted by your page. In an organized way, it brings together the interactions and makes it easier for you not only to know what your brand is talking about but also to give your customers feedback.

·         New Tannings

The session “new likes” is quite attractive. It lets you know who your most recent “fans” are, which can help when it comes to finding out where your new visitor traffic is coming from.

·         Insights

The insights panel is the primary measure of page popularity and content. It is in him that you always have to be very attentive. The purple bar indicates how many times you’ve posted content per day. The green reports how much he is being commented and the blue tells the scope he had. By doing this, you can identify your audience by noticing the times of the day and the types of content that are most successful.

·         Messages

A change in both the new “fan pages.” Now, just like a regular user, you can send and receive private messages even with a company page. This can help a lot, for example, when solving a problem for a customer or if they are divulging promotion information to them. Besides, you can also create an answering service through these messages.

·         Administer

The “Manage” bar, which appears at the top of your company’s social media timeline, serves to set up necessary details such as age or country restrictions to access the page, moderation of which content type, and who can post on profile or mark your business in some photo or comment and more.

There is also a history of your actions that allows you to see the recent modifications on the page and even a “Build Audience” option where Facebook offers marketing services like ads and “sponsored stories” so that you get new fans for your fan page.

·         Help and Tips

If you are still having problems with your page, go to the “Help” or “Help” tab and the “Tips Panel” tab. In both, you can find solutions to the most common problems encountered by users of this type of page. Even if you have no difficulty, it pays to read the content posted by the Facebook team on these topics. Thus, you will be able to make the most of what this type of tool has to give.