The Vaping Tricks a Beginner Can Try

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If you are completely new to vaping, then you might be amused to see other vapers doing some cool tricks. Well, it is quite common for beginners to have trouble in learning tricks. But if you do not know some of the vaping tricks, then it can also lead to embarrassment among the group of your friends. In the end, everyone will have to start one day, and so you can start with the beginner vape tricks. Before we get to know some of the beginner vaping tricks, let us understand what vaping is all about. Well, the long-term effect of vaping is still unknown, and it is only because it’s fairly new. You can say that vaping is much easier of the throat, and it is only because it does not involve combustion. All that you do at the time of vaping is you inhale a huge amount of clouds or steams, which helps in doing tricks. 

Now, as you got some idea related to vaping, let us learn the tricks, which are listed below for the beginners.

The Dragon

If you are a beginner, then you must try the dragon vape trick. Once you do, you will find that it does not take much effort to learn. To perform this trick perfectly, you need to exhale smoke out of your nose and mouth. For this, you will have to take a long drag from your vape pen and then do not inhales the vapor rather allow it to rest in your mouth. After which you will have to exhale forcefully with your nose and mouth simultaneously.

Smoke Rings

You can say that making a smoke ring is a bit harder, but it’s never impossible. For this, you will have to gather as much vapor as possible in your mouth, and also you need to have some best vape for tricks. Now make an “O” shape with your mouth and then use your throat to push the vapor out of your mouth.

Mushroom Cloud

To execute this trick, you will need to suck out the cloud of vapor from the vape pen, and then without inhaling it, you need to exhale quickly. This is one of the easiest tricks, which the beginner vaper can give a try. Once you perform this trick properly, you will find that the ghost-like cloud of vapor appears in front of you.