The Review – Success for that Second in Command by Billy Hornsby

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A Phone Call to Excellence as Second in Command

Billy Hornsby has excelled in leadership in lots of forms. His writing is dependant on the training he learned in the existence journey. His book “Success for that Second in Command” also draws from examples present in scripture and from tales of recent leaders in industry and also the church who’ve offered in roles as “second in command.” Important training are attracted in the existence of Frederick and also the role he performed in God’s plan within the history of the united states Israel.

Billy’s formula for achievement for that second in command include excellence and integrity, forgiveness rather of retaliation, perspective, as well as an knowledge of leadership culture. Other important ingredients include networking, leverage, and influence both within and outdoors your business. Hornsby explains the way the readers can recognize and hone their credentials, characteristics, and leadership skills.

The format from the book is meant for readers ease in integrating and using the leadership strategies into consideration. I discovered the questions, charts, along with other visual illustrations useful. All of these reinforced that has been enhanced the narrative.

Hornsby conveys existence skills coaching for private success along with the tips and secrets of success for that second in command. The chapter entitled “Finding Value with what You Need To Do” was significant and useful in my experience personally. I additionally enjoyed the chapter “Insights in the Second Chariot.” Billy presented leadership insights having a management insights and related those to relational insights.

“Success for that Second in Command” ought to be read by corporate vice presidents, affiliate pastors, by individuals in almost any subordinate leadership role, in industry, business, or perhaps in the administration from the secretary of state for the church. Billy Hornsby has written an essential and timely guidebook that is destined to become classic regarding how to become effective like a subordinate leader.