The method of treatment for insect bites

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Insects are everywhere. But for how long? There is a new study saying that bees, butterflies and beetles will die out after a hundred years. How would our world be without bees and beetles ?, Insects rarely look nice: they bite, bite, transmit diseases and scare children. But it’s also impressive. Insects were the first animals to learn to fly. 480 million years ago took control of our planet. It is the successful model of evolution, and to this day it forms the basis of life on Earth. They are at the bottom of the food chain on which all people depend. But the number of insects is decreasing around the world, threatening to undermine the food chain. Environmentalists and scientists sound the alarm.

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As insects play an important role in the ecological balance on the planet, experts warn of the extinction of some insects during the past few decades. What is the reason for the disappearance of insects? What are the consequences?

From beautiful butterflies to nagging mosquitoes, insects are among the most rich species on Earth, with nearly a million species. However, in some regions of the world, according to a report by the International Council for Biodiversity (IPBES), more than 40 percent of insect species are threatened with extinction.

Insects are found in almost all environments, but a small number of them are accustomed to life in the aquatic environment, i.e. the type of housing that is controlled by another group of arthropods, which are crustaceans, and they also classify insects as beneficial and harmful insects for humans and the environment, as beneficial insects We may benefit from some of them in the production of some products such as silk, which is made from silkworm, honey and which bees make, and that some insects are a food source for other living organisms, in addition to that insects play their primary role in pollinating crops, and they also get rid of harmful insects, And she knows Also for ventilation and increasing soil fertility.

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As for insects that are harmful to the environment and humans, they must be disposed of, as they are often a reason for transmitting various diseases and microbes to humans, as they harm the environment, as they may destroy crops and damage the environment, as they may harm other animals, and insects that are harmful to humans and may affect it Sleeping diseases “tsetse fly”.

Accordingly, insects were able to invade all parts of the world by their ability to live in various environments and their ability to overcome the difficulties that other living organisms fail to endure, and insects are a major competitor to man in many matters, so they have become the focus of attention of scientists seeking to know everything about these Creatures, whether positive or negative, has been detected by (Informative News Network) some news and studies, we review the most prominent of them in the report below.

How to treat insect bites?

From wasp to flea, ticks and even ants, there are multiple causes of red or white spots appearing on human skin as a result of bites. The type of patch and the itch method reveal a lot about the identity of the parasite attacking you. In the article, ways to combat stings.

The tick should not be removed by shaking the affected area, as this can cause the body to be cut off and the tick’s head stuck to the body. Sometimes we are surprised when getting up in the morning with pills appearing on the surface of the skin or perhaps the appearance of red spots that cause annoying itching and we do not know the reason behind them. The first thing that comes to mind in the summer season when such problems arise is that a mosquito attacked us while we were covering a deep sleep. However, the causes of the appearance of pimples and redness of the skin are certainly different, just as the appearance of the visible spots can reveal the parasite attacker causing the mosquito, or ticks or wasp that remained awake throughout the night, but these insects attack during the day as well, how to distinguish between them and how they can be treated ?

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If we feel itchy, we think directly about mosquitoes, which makes sense because mosquitoes stand on the skin and insert their needles into the skin to absorb blood from it. And because we can feel it and humming. And if we remove it from our skin, we feel strong itching directly, and the reason for the appearance of itching is that the female mosquito attacking, you need a protein in our blood that helps her to produce eggs. In order to obtain blood, the insect injects a special type of anticoagulant protein into the skin, so that it can absorb enough blood from it. Because the body rejects this protein, its reaction is fast and strong, as if it were an allergic attack. It can be known that the attacker is a mosquito in the event of spots, such as a tumor with a diameter of 2 and 5 mm without a drop of blood on the skin, and its color ranges between white and red.

And the site “Yahoo” Germany has given advice to fight mosquito bites, as the place where the female mosquito has inserted her needle should be cooled, either by applying pressure or using special treatments against insect bites, which also reduces the tumor. As a direct measure against itching, wiping saliva also helps. And if you want to use the home methods, put half an onion, half a potato or a piece of lemon on the spot immediately after itching.

And you should not scratch the skin, because itching means activating the protein that mosquito female injected into the skin to cause itching more.

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