The Curious Case Of Walter Babst!

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Walter Babst, themathematics teacher of Bonita High School, was arrested as he went onto committing a crime of child intercourse. On the other hand, when the very thought of it make many people cringe in disgust, a few like Walter Babst are only probably getting a stimuli. Babst, a man of 43, expressed his desire to rape children at social media. The police tracked down his diabolic desires and he was staged and let into a trap.

While in custody, Walter admitted his crime and is behind the bars for indefinite times until his situation gets resolved. Bit how come a man, who spent a respected life with a good family, who was not brought up in an environment of abuse and depravity turned into a paedophile? Well, some argue that some men are just born with it.

They possessthe hunger for violation and sex but finding no equal peers, they channelize this through inferior means like through animals and children. As Freud described the scenario, Our Unconscious and subconscious is hugely dominated by ED, and Superego. The ego in the middle plays the balance, while the Ed represents out primitive self and superego, our modern rational self. The superego tries to suppress our libidos instincts but essentially it is our free will that determines our actions. Babst chose the path to harness his evil instincts; he went deep into the deep web and started watching child porno and abusing banned pornos.

Sex and the Taboo:

The Bible and any other religious books paint sex in a negative life, although some of us might argue in conflict, but there is a deep seeded reason behind that. Sex is the primordial drive of human beings or any other animal beings and when are deprived of it, we essentially get violent.

Apart from that the violence and that deferred anger often creates trouble for the society, this also applicable for lust or envy, or greed or pride; all these pleasure seeking instincts, essentially provides us a gruesome end. The Ten commandments of the Bible, binds us from turning into these selves and even if one is unappreciative of the spiritual remarks, one must be at least look into these philosophical remarks.

The Sex and Power:

As Francis Underwood from the popular TV Series the House of Cards said, that, everything in our life is about sex, except sex; Sex is about Power! The idea of sex is very much associated with the idea of power; part of the reason can be traced back to our time of evolution and the alpha male theory. Anyone can use to live in groups and every group had a leader, an alpha. The mating rights were reserved to the alpha so the association of the sex and violence are as old as the culture itself! Everyone wants to be appreciated and acknowledged in a society and when that does not go along the plans, like Babst, they become sexually deferred and facesmental aberration.