Take Advantage of Our Automotive Franchises Opportunity in Richmond

When you’re ready to take advantage of our automotive franchises opportunity in Richmond, you’re taking the first step to owning your own business. You’ll have a fun and exciting career that empowers you to network with great people and to get up close and personal with amazing vehicles of all types. With an appraisal business, you can be your own boss and have a great time helping people out with their appraisal needs. 

You’re going to be a great appraisal business owner with your background in cars. With your expertise, you can help people in your territory by offering inspections and appraisals on classic cars and custom vehicles. You’ll be the one they come to for an appraisal so they can get their vehicles insured for the right amount and to protect their investments in situations like bankruptcy, financial audits, and when they need to submit an appraisal to the IRS if they donate their vehicles. 

We offer you an up-to-date database of comparable sales to use in conjunction with your appraisal training and automotive experience to provide accurate appraisal values. We will train you in southern California to appraise nearly any kind of vehicle, including custom cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and more. 

With your exclusive territory, you’ll get the national inquiries for that area. With our ongoing support for the related overhead functions, national advertising, software development and updates, you have the help you need to focus on your clients. Additionally, we handle production and distribution of appraisal reports in both print and digital forms. 

You’ll get credit card processing, IT infrastructure, a laptop computer, and a digital camera to take high-resolution photos for each of your appraisals. You’ll have all the corporate support required to get your business started and to have it thriving in no time. 

When you’re ready to take advantage of our automotive franchises opportunity in Richmond, get in touch with us to start a new career to help people make the right decisions on whether to buy a certain vehicle and to help them get the right insurance coverage for the ones they own. There isn’t anything more satisfying than helping people with problems in their lives, meeting nice people, and getting to work with the classic and custom vehicles that you love every day. You’ll be in charge of your business, and you can have a blast going to work.

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