Six Different Styles of Frosted Glass For Your Interior Doors

Frosted glass interior doors let you add privacy while transforming the look of your home or office space. These doors let varying degrees of light to come through depending on their glass type and overall design. At the Sliding Door Company, we offer a wide range of glass styles to choose from.

Frosted Finishes

This popular category creates a frosty, diffuse look. You can get different degrees of frosting which offer different levels of privacy. Lighter frosting is also a good fit for north-facing rooms as it maximizes light. Darker frosting can be great to minimize glare on computer and TV screens. There is also the choice between highly textured frosting and more subtle surfaces.

Smoked Finishes

These finishes function similar to frosting but have a grey and smoky look. They add privacy but tend to reduce light more than frosted finishes. This could be a good solution for excessively bright, south-facing rooms. Dark smoky finishes are also quite dramatic and can enhance a modern decorating scheme.

Linen Finishes

This exciting variation on frosted glass has a subtle pattern that evokes linen fabric. Sliding doors with this finish offer a soft and comfortable look to the room. The linen pattern allows ample light to pass through while still maintaining privacy.

Mirror Finishes

As you may have guessed from the name, mirror finishes are highly reflective. This creates a lot of privacy and offers several decorating advantages. Mirror finishes make a room brighter by reflecting ambient light. They also open up a space by making it seem visually larger.

Opaque and Monotone Finishes

Black, white, and milky finishes create the highest degree of privacy as they are opaque. These glass panels can blend into a matching decor for the most subtle, unobtrusive look. On the other hand, you can choose a boldly contrasting finish for a geometric and chic effect

Combo Glass

There’s no need to restrict your creativity to just one kind of finish. We also offer combo glass at the Sliding Door Company. This lets you combine the strengths of two different finishes. For example, you can have a stripe of clear glass at the top, letting light pour in and allowing visibility from head height up. The lower section of the sliding door can be made of a totally different finish.

A Door For Every Room

No two businesses or homes are alike. This is why, at the Sliding Door Company, we offer so many options of glass, frame, and door styles. If you need a special size, we can create a custom piece to your specifications. Visit our website to learn more and find the nearest showroom.

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