Signs of a Foundation Issue

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The foundation is a base that supports the structure above it. The foundation is built upon solid grounding that is below the freeze line. The freeze line, on average, is 3 feet or 36 inches below ground level. This is done to stop the foundation from heaving upward with the onset of a hard freeze. Following this structural rule is the beginning of a solid foundation. Now, all structures placed on the foundation have expansion joints built in to the design, to compensate for small amounts of movement.

These expansion joints are placed at key load bearing points throughout the frame. It is normal for the structure to move slightly because of the earth’s movement. This is well known and is accounted for by the expansion joints. They should allow enough space to allow the movement of the structure upon the foundation, however will not compromise the overall integrity of the structure.

The signs of foundation issues are many and very noticable. When you inspect, and if you notice areas of damage, it is smart to call foundation repair in Dallas. The inside of most structure’s are finished with smooth walled interior spaces. This is one area where an unstable foundation will start to show the resulting shift and damage. The outside of the structure is sure to tell tale signs that there is an issue.

Exterior cracks in bricks mortar will begin to show up. Uneven stress on gables and eaves will make them begin to sag and ease. This will result in the onset of water seepage that will often lead to structural damage inside and out. Which can result in very expensive repair costs, as all affected materials will have to be replaced. The resulting effects of water damage goes deep. Mold is now a concern that has become a major issue, affecting people’s health and well being. So all compromised materials will have to be replaced or treated.

A compromised foundation will affect the interior of the structure which will no longer be true, meaning that the frame of the structure is not plumb or square. The visible result of this situation will be very noticeable. Doors will no longer hang plumb. The frame will sag and fall out of square resulting in the door rubbing against the frame making it difficult to open.

This is a small problem compared to what is actually occuring. As the structural frame begins to settle back down upon the foundation, creating even more issues. Floors will begin to become uneven creating bounce and squeaks. This is a sure sign of structural issues that will need to be addressed.

The exterior will have visible signs of continuing damage. Mortar between bricks loosen and allow shift in the bricks course which will compromise the integrity of the entire wall. This can cause the brick to pull away creating a serious issue and a water access point.

The outside walls of the structure is defense against the elements of weather that, if compromised, will create even more damage and continued water ingress. The results are water in the basement and leaks in the roof. If left in this condition for long periods of time is very bad for the integrity of the entire structure.

Regular inspections are a must to expose any serious foundation issues. If detected it is wise to contact foundation repairs in Dallas. Leave this structural repair to the experts. The whole structure rests upon the foundation. Be smart and get this situation exposed and repaired as soon as possible. This issue, if left untreated will compromise the entire structure and lead to even more repair costs.

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