Security Guard License – Become A Security Guard

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Security guard jobs come in a great variety of industries, from large shopping malls, to medical facilities, to university and business colleges. Thus, how does one get a security guard license? First, you must apply for a security guard license from whichever state you live. Each state has different licensing requirements, which also differ from state to state somewhat.

But how can one tell if he is eligible for the job? The most common answer to this question is that one needs to be 18 years old. In addition, one needs to possess good grades in his school in order to be considered for this job. If you are a college student, then you may consider taking college classes as part of your study for how to become a security guards.

How will you be able to get a security guard license? There are many ways on how to become a security guard. Security guard training is one way of obtaining a security guard certificate. This type of training lasts only for a few months and is usually held at the local sheriff’s department or at the college where you were taking your college exams. This training will teach you the basic safety measures that you need to know in order to work as security guards.

You can also look into security guard training through the Internet. There are plenty of online courses that can teach you how to become security guards. Most online security guard training courses are affordable and can be done right in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you don’t even have to leave your desk to complete training.

How can the Internet help you in your security guard training? It gives you access to different online courses which are often offered by different institutions. Security guards can benefit from security guard training given online since they are not limited to the classroom setting. You can learn at your own pace, whenever it is convenient for you. However, if you find that security guards are not your cup of tea, there are other courses available as well.

Security guards are required to undergo background checks before they can get a security guard certificate. Security agents are also expected to take and complete drug tests as well as physical exams before they can get a security guard certificate. In most states, it requires security agents to pass criminal records, drug test, physical exam, background check, fingerprinting, CPR certification and psychological test before becoming security agents. Security agents are even required to undergo a background check before they can apply for jobs.

How do you become one? You will need to obtain your license from your locality or city hall. In most cases, you will be required to pass an exam in order to be allowed to work as a security agent in any locality. If your locality does not require a license, you can still become one but the chances of you being employed are very slim. Security agents need to have a high school diploma and at least a two-year course at a community college before they can be employed.

How much education do you need in order to become one? It all depends on where you live, in most states. Security agents are generally employed in private companies, government offices or corporations and in security firms. You need to at least have a high school diploma in order to apply for jobs as a security agent. Even though the license takes a long time to complete, it is extremely important since security agents protect the premises where they are working.