Satisfying Videos And Marketing

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The satisfying videos are the significant internet phenomenon of recent years. Their characteristics of virality and engagement have raised them to the podium of the most viewed and shared content on social networks. This is because they combine impact, emotions, curiosity and brevity in the par excellence format. They consist of bottles of liquid paint mixing in slow motion, a pressing machine destroying a watermelon or an iPhone thrown into the void from a tenth floor. They are satisfying videos and have something in common: they exceed one million views. Although the reasons why these types of videos generate satisfaction are still discussed, there is no doubt that they are a valuable tool to attract users to your brand using sensory marketing like in the seo agency bangkok.

  • Increase the CTR rate.
  • Purchases increase by up to 64%.
  • They favour interaction.
  • They generate engagement.
  • They contribute to SEO more than an image.
  • They increase residence time.

Surely at this moment, you are wondering: but how can a watermelon broken into pieces increase the conversion rate or sales of your business?

Why Does Destroying Make Us Happy?

Perhaps the reasons why the satisfying videos are triumphing makes you lose some faith in humanity or yourself, and that is what these contents show for just five minutes is that checking as an object is broken, especially if it is one value, it gives us pleasure. Also, another cause could be laziness. According to psychologist Amaya TerrĂ³n, we ended up so exhausted after a long working day that we need narrative-free content to disconnect “they give us a sense of security and control.” These videos are perfect, and they are mechanical, predictable and hypnotic processes. Not all videos considered satisfactory end with a shattered object.

Many of them include a spider weaving its web in rapid motion or fresh dough being processed in a pasta machine.

That is, the satisfying videos play to teach us events from a different