Reasons for using redirect in WordPress

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There are situations when people need to change the URL of their website. The developer has to make a plan carefully so that the traffic does not go down while implementing the process. There is a plugin called 301 Redirect which helps in changing the URL and add all the SEO elements and traffic to the new URL. Let us know about this plugin in detail.

Overview of 301 Redirect Plugin

This is a plugin that can be used to inform the users that the page they want to see has been moved to a new URL. Redirection is of three kinds in the terms of SEO and these include

  • 301 moved permanently
  • 302 moved temporarily
  • Meta refresh

The 301 redirect will let all search engines know about the change of URL and the search engines will take users to that URL.

When 301 Redirect is needed?

Before redirecting the URL of a page or a website to new one, people need to think the reasons about it. Here are some of these reasons.

  • The installation or WordPress directory may have changed.
  • The website may have been moved to a new domain and old URLs may not be helpful.
  • The URKL structure of the posts may have been changed redirection is needed to let the people visit the correct and updated pages.
  • The version of homepage may have been changed from www to non-www.

Reasons for adding 301 redirect

Here are some of the reasons of adding 301 redirect.

User experience of the visitors

None of the website owners want to lose users because the URL of the website is changed. When the UIRL is changed, users receive a 404 error. There are many other websites which are linked to the website whose URL has been changed. The 301 redirect will help the users to be redirected to the new URL.

Search on search engines

Search engines may lead the users to the old URL which they have already indexed. The developers have to retain the traffic after the change of URL. When 301 redirect is added, the search engines start considering the new URL and direct the audience towards that. All changes are recorded in the search engine due to 301 redirect. Search engines may take some time to see the changes.

Adding redirect to WordPress

Users can also add 301 redirect to WordPress and here are some of the easy methods which people can use for the purpose.

Adding redirections using plugins

There are many WordPress plugins which people can use to change the URL These plugins are as follows.

  • Redirection WordPress plugin
  • Simple 301 Redirects Plugin
  • Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin
  • Safe Redirect Manager – WordPress Multisites
  • Yoast SEO plugin – htaccess tool

Wrapping Up

These are some of the reasons that people use 301 redirect. When the URL of a website is changed, users of that website need to know the URL. Along with it, search engines should also know about it. In such a case 301 redirect is used. There are many plugins in WordPress which people can use to redirect the users to the new website.