More Quality at Upstream Layer in Technology Pyramid

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Technologies are the best choice from the enterprising world. Also it leads utilizing a metabolic rate. Unlike the standard political structure, this metabolic rate is Algorithms compiled by engineers, scientists, etc and never congressmen and politicians.

The worldwide levels of competition are largely that has the very best technical group to create the right one within this situation, Algorithms, define of patents, technical processes, tools, and so forth. Like a nation develops, adopts, applies and diffuses appropriately the items in this metabolic rate, it elevates the lives of their citizens. The greater innovation a nation pursues, the greater it refines this metabolic rate.

Economists have proven a correlation between Understanding Economy Index (KEI), productivity and quality lifestyle. The task for just about any nation would be to improve its KEI number. Doing which involves good education, economic regime along with other variables that assist in improving technology capacity.

Age natural sources dominating global commerce and market is gone. What matters now’s creating understanding and putting it on. Some nations can create, others will just consume. But wealth is targeted in the creative stage and nations that concentrate on consuming, without creating technology won’t prosper.

Despite abundance of natural sources, which in most cases, the consuming nations cannot individually process with no understanding partners won’t change this trajectory of limited national wealth without technology creation.

About this basis, I separate the 2 layers where nations use and contend with technology as upstream and downstream layers. It is just like a 2 layer pyramid in which the downstream is at the end using the upstream sitting down on the top. What goes on here’s that some nations concentrate on the downstream layer while some combine both downstream and upstream layers.

Probably the most advanced nations combine the 2 layers because they seek worldwide competitiveness. They offer technology roadmap that compares the future and also have intends to take advantages that technology brings. They’ve created and develop things and these days are classed as understanding driven economies. In individuals nations, there’s planning continuity and technology succession.

For that other nations, usually developing, they compete in the technology pyramid mainly in the downstream layer. They don’t have the know-how you can create things and commercialize technology intellectual qualities. The nations aren’t driven by technology, rather goods. They’re vulnerable to trade shocks and therefore are usually economically non-vibrant. They neglect to build a fortune using technology and have fun playing the pyramid as consumers or prosumers.

Allow me to illustrate using Nigeria where they speak the word what of oil. Within the oil industry, you will find the downstream and upstream sectors. As the upstream concentrates on search for oil, downstream will the distribution and marketing.

The cash is incorporated in the upstream sector, a significant reason we’ve the foreign partners concentrated within. That’s in which the understanding creation is performed and utilized in the market. I’m careful to state, with no understanding partners in Nigeria, assisting to explore this oil, Nigeria cannot mine the product. Verdict: the oil is going to be there as well as no tangible economic use.

This can consume a pattern where villages have water underneath them but no drilling expertise to harness water to cook and consuming. That’s the problem of anchoring national strategy in the downstream level. It lacks inventiveness.