Melasma – Different Treatments You Can Try

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Melasma is a skin problem that some people ignore. Melasma is a kind of pigmentation in which dark spots appear on the skin. It is common in men as well as women. It is a misconception that only women have to face hyperpigmentation. Some people recover from this condition without any medication while some need to treat it. The environment is polluted and with increasing contaminants, this condition is increasing as well. There are different methods of curing melasma. Here are a few treatment methods that you can try.

Anti Melasma Creams Are the Best Choice

Creams are easy to handle. You do not have to worry much about the application. Just avoid using Concept Anti Melasma Cream [ครีม ทา ฝ้า concept, which is the term in Thai] around the eyes and mouth. Creams reduce darkness and spots in a few weeks.

Try Prescribed Topical Steroids

If creams are not your primary choice, you can choose topical steroids as well. Use prescribed steroids to avoid any skin troubles. Your doctor will let you know the usage. These entities can irritate. Consult your doctor right away in case of itchiness and irritation.

Clinical Treatments are Another Choice

Dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are some clinical treatments that are advised in severe cases of melasma. These procedures pull the dark and pigmented skin. A fresh layer of skin with lighter spots appears. You may call these treatments skin rejuvenation methods, as well.

Pregnancy is one of the scenarios where melasma is cured without any treatment. That too occurs in some women. Other people must pay attention to this. Pigmentation or dark spots can increase with time. It is better to treat them before it gets too late. Use anti melasma creams. Their usage is easy and you can cure your problem sooner than other products.