Matthew Davies Looks at the Advantages of Self Planned Travel

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Investing in traveling to different parts of the world is like an investment in yourself for the growth of your knowledge and personality. Travelling unleashes a side of you that you probably didn’t know existed. It is a solace from the monotonous routine of everyday life. To escape drudgery, it is important to save some money and time in taking a vacation every now and then. If you wish to save money on tour planner, take a self-planned trip. Matthew Davies looks at the advantages of self-planned travel.

The Advantages

  1. Flexibility- With a guided tour, you are forced to take up the itinerary as planned by the travel agents. In case you are opting for a self-planned trip, you can bookmark the places that interest you more than the others. You might want to visit the unexplored regions rather than the regular tourist spots. A self-planned trip gives you the liberty to decide for yourself. It also gives you the freedom to spend more time on a particular location that excites you and forgo the next one because it does not suit your palette.
  2. Quality me-time– A self-planned trip may involve a fair share of self-driving which allows you the time to spend it in your own company. You may wish to make stopovers for as long and as frequently you desire without having a definite schedule to stick to. After all, you are taking this vacation to enjoy and not run at the whims and fancy of the travel guide.
  3. Modifying your itinerary– A self-planned trip gives you the independence to modify your plans as per your wish. If a particular destination or location fascinates you and you need to take a diversion for it, it is your wish. You might change your initial strategy and go for this newfound place of visit and give a sudden excitement to your vacation.
  4. Cultural exchange– Travelers who enjoy self-guided tours are not compelled to follow the schedule organized by a tour guide. This enables them to spend more time with the locals if they wish it. This helps a cultural exchange between the two and helps the traveler to have a better understanding of the local population.
  5. Cost-efficient– When you plan a trip for yourself, you might allocate your budget towards it in a way that pleases you. You might want to go to a cheaper hotel and use the money saved on traveling or shopping. You also save on the service charge you will need to pay the travel agency if you seek their help. You could hitch-hike or rent a bike and save on your money.


Owing to the various benefits of a self-planned tour, this is gaining momentum by the day. You have several liberties and decision-making power than if you take a guided tour. The size of the gathering would be as per your wish and even a small group would do unlike the minimum batch size required by the tour agency. Complete freedom and no restrictions make a self-planned tour a great opportunity to discover yourself. Matthew Davies feels you should plan such trips as it also gives you an innate sense of satisfaction and happiness after the tour is over.