laminated glass VS Tempered glass 

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 Safety glass differenceBoth laminated glass and tempered glass belongs to safety glass and widely used in our daily life,whether it’s glass balustrade,glass shower doors,glass pool fence,glass railings,table tops glass etc.Then how about the difference between laminated glass and tempered glass,how should we select from them,here we introduce the difference between these safety glass options.What’s tempered glass?Tempered glass is made of float glass which is firstly heated to softening point then rapidly cooled down by air,to enable even compression stress on the glass surface.During the instant cooling procession,external glass is solidified because of rapid cooling process,and as internal glass cools down slower and would make glass surface formed a compression stress.Meanwhile,internal glass produces tensile stress with further makes glass mechanical strength of glass up to double increment and to be with good thermal stability.Applications:Tempered glass is a safety glass ,extensively applied in areas which has critical request of high mechanical strength and safety,such as glass door,curtain wall,interior glass partition,elevators,showcase,windows&doors,furniture and household appliances.What’s laminated glass?Laminated glass is made of two or more piece glass sandwiched with multi layers interlayer(PVB,SGP or EVA interlayer) under high temperature and pressure.The appearance and installation of laminated glass are the same as tempered glass,but much more durable.Due to its unique features,laminated glass can be extensively used in building skylight,elevated floor,high grade curtain wall,and window,furniture,showcase,aquarium etc.Difference 1:Status after breakageThe existing surface compression makes tempered glass stress relatively stable ,and glass strength is 3-5 times higher than float glass.The easiest way to break a tempered glass is to hit the weakest glass corners,after glass breaking,it will shattered into many small pieces with obtuse angles which won’t cause severe hurt to human body.For laminated glass,whether its annealed laminated glass or tempered glass,the interlayer can quickly absorb and weaken a mass of energy when laminated glass is attacked by outside force.It’s hard to be penetrated and remain integrally in the frame even when it’s broken because of the high cohesion and persistent interlayer.Laminated glass can avoid personal or property damage caused by the falling of the glass, and the whole piece of glass remains intact and can continue to resist impact, wind and rain.With special layers glass&interlayer, laminated glass can be made into hurricane proof glass,anti-intrusion glass and even bulletproof glass to offer the highest safety protection function.Below video shows what happened when tempered glass and laminated glass broken: 2: UV resistanceUltraviolet rays in solar radiation are the main cause of fading and damage to carpets, furniture, art paintings, curtains and many chemical fiber fabrics.But many things in furniture are placed indoors, why ultraviolet rays can still come in. Because the long-wave ultraviolet rays in the ultraviolet rays cannot be blocked by the glass, it will also form an ultraviolet radiation zone in the room. Years of UV radiation can cause furniture to fade and age.Laminated glass can effectively prevent UV(as high as more than 99% of UV) penetrate the glass and won’t cause furniture fading.Difference 3:Acoustic performanceUnder the same thickness,laminated glass can reduce the both STC and OITC.The interlayer ,whether it’s PVB,SGP or EVA can effectively prevent sound wave.Sound wave can be obviously weakened when it goes through laminated glass.Here is a soundproof performance comparison between laminated glass and tempered glass.Difference 4:Energy Saving performanceTempered glass U value is always summer 5.28w/m2.k,and in Winter it’s even higher 5.81w/m2.k, in summer the glass temperature is very high after absorb solar heat and may cause glass thermal breakage.Compared with tempered glass,laminated glass U value ,SHGC is relatively low and save certain energy costs.When low-E coatings been applied on laminated glass,especially hard coated low-e coating,such as AGC-Planibel G,Sunergy Clear ,Pilkington Energy Advantage are used,the U value is just 50-60% of normal tempered glass,it can significantly decrease energy costs and used in commercial buildings such as point supported curtain wall,all glass curtain wall.Difference 5:Available extra processing&applicationColor: As we know,tempered glass is made with float glass with limited color options,Green,blue,grey,bronze,clear ,low iron,it cannot achieve other colors the architect and designers want.While laminated glass interlayer has numerous color options which made any color is possible.Despite colorful glass options,many other materials can be used in the laminated glass to get special effects:Dichroic film -Dichroic laminated glassOrganic&metal mesh -Decorative laminated glassPC board – Bulletproof laminated glassGradient EVA interlayer- Gradient laminated glassSmart film -PDLC smart switchable glassAcoustic PVB: Professional Acoustic laminated glass .Fireproof interlayer -Fireproof laminated glassSentryGlas-Plus interlayer -Hurricane proof glassDifference 5:Price DifferenceAs laminated glass got an extra laminating,high temperature and pressure process,laminated glass price is always higher than same thickness tempered glass.Here is a brief price difference between 12mm clear tempered glass, 5+1.52+5 float laminated glass,5+1.52+5 tempered laminated glass,5+1.52+5 SGP laminated glass,laminated glass price can be 2-5 times higher price than same thickness tempered ones.Tempered glass or laminated glass?With above comparison,we know that laminated glass can offer better protection level,high price and more variety functions,but when shall we select tempered glass and when laminated glass?As a professional glass manufacturer ,below is the suggestion from our glass experts:For Interior application and low rise buildings,tempered glass is enough.Interior applications,for example shower rooms,kitchen cabinet,glass partition,glass railings,glass balustrade glass,pool fence glass ,greenhouse glass,the tempered glass can offer enough strength to protect your safety.Of course some customers want the glass unique and more smart,laminated glass can have many functions &color options to achieve customer’s requirement,whether it’s acoustic glass,thermal insulation glass,privacy protection glass,or decorative glass.For commercial buildings,laminated glass is necessary.Commercial building ,as more people and more crowded,laminated glass can offer better protection.Another reason is tempered glass self explosion is always a safety problem for customers,even though factory can test the glass through heat soaking test to reduce glass spontaneous breakage possibility,laminated glass is more smart option ,after all,the both piece glass break possibility is much lower.Some areas that must use laminated glassAs tempered glass cannot keep integrity after breaking,the fragments will fall after broken,so some areas laminated glass is a must during design process,these areas include glass canopy,glass skylight, outdoor glass bridge,interior glass floors,glass staircases,curtain wall glass,bank bulletproof glass .Morn is your turnkey tempered glass and laminated glass manufacturer and supplier in China,welcome contact us for more information.Tags:laminated glass,tempered glass,shower door glass,hurricane proof glass,safety glass,acoustic glass,glass railing,pool fence glass,commercial buildingContact us:Qingdao Morn Building Materials Co.,LtdChina HQ: Room A304,Shengxifu Road,NO.209 Weihai Road,Shibei District,Qingdao,China,266024Sales Email: marketing@cnmorn.comTechnical support:   Mobile/Wechat: 0086-17705464660 Website: