Knowing The Right Type Of Trailer Wiring For You

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The wiring connector that connects your car electrical system to the trailer is known as a trailer wiring connector. The use of the trailer connector is not just as a safety measure but a law in some places in the world. Most people do not know the type of trailer connector that suits their car. In this article, we shall talk on the available trailer connectors and how to make use of Plug (ปลั๊ก พ่วง ,which is the term in Thai).

Types of Plugs and Sockets

Just as you use wall sockets in our house, we also make use of vehicle circuits in our cars. There are variations of plugs and sockets. The most widely seen ones at the flats, round and RV blade.

 Flat connectors have much lesser number of pins and can tow smaller loads correctly. All the pins in a flat connector are lined up in a single row.

In the round and RV blade connectors, the pins in these connectors are constructed in a circle format having one ar the centre. This set of connectors has many numbers of pins and are used for towing large loads, and they require much more specialised functions and Factory plug (ปลั๊กไฟ โรงงาน ,which is the term in Thai)

Number of Pins

The outlets in our housework with two-pronged or three-pronged plugs. Whereas household makes use of plugs,  trailers make use of pins.

The most widely seen trailer connectors are made up of four, five, six or seven pins. The more the number of pins in a trailer connector, the more function it can take up. This variety in the trailer wiring connector helps you to get the right features no matter what item you want to tow or haul and you can do it safely and legally.