‘Johaar’ A Political and Emotional Movie in Telugu. Watch at Aha now! 

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TejaMarni directed this movie Johaar. AnkithKoyya, NainaGanguly and Esther Anil are performed in the leading roles. Johaar story is a combination of 5 different stories of 5 different persons who are struggling to lead their lives due to conspiracy created by the political scenario. Add Johaar to your Telugu movies watchlist.

The film story is about five unique stories where the five common people’s lives are impacted with the interference of politicians in their lives. They have a young CM Krishna Chaitanya who wants to build a big statue of his late father for his life in politics. He wants to relocate his father’s big statue with the public funds to create a history in politics. Due to his wish, many common people face different problems in their life personally and socially.


In this process a young athlete NainaGanguly, a poor farmer Eeswari Rao, a young girl Esther, and an old man Sudhakar who runs an orphanage etc. get affected badly with that political decision. Watch the rest of the story at aha movies to know what happens in their lives.


Cast and Crew:



Actress: Esther Anil

Other characters:NainaGanguly, ShubhalekaSudhakar


Producer: Sandeep Marni

Music director:Priyadarshan

Release date: 15th August 2020


Artist Performances


Actor krishnachaitanya action sequences are the main asset of the Johaar movie. He performed very well in his character by showing the hidden cunning attitude of the politician in the real-time. Actress Esther Anil, NainaGanguly, Eswari Rao and SubhakekaSudhakar acted very well for their roles.


Technical Aspects


The director TejaMarni has credit and chosen the good cast. The filming locations are very natural and perfectly opted for the story. Dialogus has created much comedy in the movie. The director TejaMarni has shown his message in the narrative way for the better understanding of the movie with a good background theme to reach the common audiences. 


Dialogues: Good

Cinematography: Good

BGM: Good

Cinematography: Good.


Highlights of Johaar


In the Johaar, the director has shown the currupted politicians and how their decisions impacted the common people. The credits goes to the director for combining the 5 different stories to the main storyline. You can experience the best emotional story ever. The music director Priyadarshan supported with the best musical tunes. You can understand the present situation of politics and how they are impacting the common people’s lives.


What Works


The story of Johar movie in Telugu is completely based on the current political scenario. It is a political Telugu movie in the recent Tollywood films. You can understand how the government is being played by the political leaders and government representatives. The present CM who is a young politician plans to build a statue of his father with public funds. 


But due to this decision, directly impacting the common five people who have been struggling to get their lives settled and also faced many problems to get their sanctioned amount for them. Believe or not, you will get emotional. 


Bottom Line 


The movie Johaar is the best political emotional drama based story. If you hate the current political scenario, definitely, it is a must watch movie. 

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