Jim Mayoros Renovates St. George RV Park

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The St. George Park is well-known to Utah locals since the park was first established way back during the ’60s. It was and still is known as a comfortable, convenient, and safe rest area for locals and tourists alike. While it was able to keep its small-town charm, the RV Park as it is now known today has become a tourist attraction all in itself.

The Renovations

Jim Mayoros, the current owner of St. George RV Park purchased the area in 2016 in the hopes of making it a place for families to enjoy. Since then, Jim and his team have put in a lot of time and money to renovate the rest area and make it as Utah’s top RV park.

With over 3 long years of changes and renovations, James Mayoros has invested $2 million into the project. This has lead to an amazing amount of new amenities and facilities that park guests are free to use upon booking a spot at the park.

Practical And Modern Amenities

The newly renovated St. George RV park still has all the practical amenities the camper vans and RVs need during their stay. Visitors rely on the power and water hookups as well as waste disposal areas. These amenities are nothing new or special, but that’s not where the renovations end.

Through the years, Mayoros team has also worked hard to offer guests access to clean bathrooms as well as spacious picnic areas and bbq patios. Aside from allowing travelers to experience a comfortable RV park experience, James Mayoros has also added a few modern touches.

Today, guests can access cable TV as well as free WiFi connections during their stay at the RV park. It’s the best of both worlds for those who want to enjoy nature without giving their modern city comforts.

RV Park Location

Driving to the RV park is no trouble at all. It is located off the I-15 and just a few short minutes away from several shopping districts and restaurants. However, for those who enjoy outdoor activities, St. George RV Park is also conveniently located close to the best outdoor recreational activities in Utah.

Tourists who are visiting the area for the first time can always approach one of the local park guides for more information. The staff at St. Geroge will be more than happy to give you their expert recommendations on what to do and where to go during your stay.

Reserving A Spot

Although the park has been renovated to meet the modern lifestyle, the spots for RVs are still very limited. There are only 100 available spots for rent, which can be both for short-term and long terms stays. Thanks to innovation and renovation from Jim Mayoros reserving a spot is now easier.

Guests can simply check out the RV Park’s official website: https://www.stgeorgervpark.com/ to book a spot or call the hotline at 435-673-2970 for reservations. St. George RV Park is a superior location that everyone passes through the area should stay at. After one night in the newly renovated RV Park, you’ll surely be tempted to extend your stay for one more night.

Check out the new renovations at St. George RV Park. Jim Mayoros made sure WiFi is available aside from the usual RV hookups for water, power, and waste disposal. Contact us for more info.